A Running List of the Best Books of 2021, For All Your TBR Needs

So you resolved that 2021 would be the year you finally reach your reading goals, eh? How’s it going? You’ve got plenty of time left, and the amount of great new books you could be cracking into is practically endless. If you find that fact more overwhelming than comforting, then allow us to narrow down the list a bit. We’ve compiled our 45 favorite new releases from January and February, and we’ll be adding to it every month. (On that note, we have high hopes for these March releases!) So whether you’re into thrillers, romance, YA novels, or anything in between — you’ll find something great in here.

And hey, if you don’t see your favorite new book of 2021 in here, let us know! We’re always in search of a good new title, too.

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