After it was announced earlier this week that RIMOWA had linked up with 10 renowned designers for an exclusive HBX capsule, the luxury luggage label now offers up a closer look at each piece.

Entitled “Vol. 1”, the forthcoming collection comprises 26 one-of-a-kind items as the likes of 3.PARADIS, Ashley Williams, CLOT, MA®KET, PLEASURES and more reimagine classic RIMOWA silhouettes, with all proceeds being donated to the COVAX Facility.

“Vol. 1 embodies RIMOWA’s daring creativity,” says Emelie De Vitis, RIMOWA’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Eachbrandbroughttheirownuniquevoicetoouriconicproducts, resulting in an incredibly diverse range of ideas, techniques, and materialsacross one unforgettable collection.”

Now, ahead of its official launch early next week, HYPEBEAST takes a closer look at the collection in full, which will be available exclusively via HBX.


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Describing itself as “disruptive, chic and poetic”, Emeric Tchatchoua’s label 3.PARADIS has utilised its trademark ‘bird in flight’ for its link up with RIMOWA. Applying it to a trio of classic brand silhouettes, the motif features atop the grooved aluminium shell of RIMOWA’s classic Check-In L suitcase, the Never Still Tote and Personal Aluminium Cross-Body Bag, to signify the idea of caged birds finally being set free.

About Dreams

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About Dreams

Raphaël Le Friant’s sustainably-sourced label About Dreams has breathed new life into upcycled fabrics since its inception last year. For its RIMOWA link-up, the brand has applied its screen-printed butterfly logo in UNICEF’s shade of blue across the Classic Cabin bag, which has been crafted using old denim jeans, the Never Still Backpack and the Personal Aluminum Cross-Body Bag.


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Cult Japanese label doublet has injected its penchant for menswear basics with a unique combination of novelty and subversion for its link up with RIMOWA. Founded by MasayukiIno and Takashi Murakami in 2012, the duo has applied their instantly-recognisable aesthetic onto the Original Check-In M, dressing it in a series of intricate sticker-style hand-embroidered designs.

Hood By Air

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Hood by Air

New York-based Hood By Air — also known as HBA — has become renowned for blurring the lines between streetwear and high fashion since it was founded by Shayne Oliver and Raul Lopez in 2006. Focusing on the Original Check-In M and Never Still Backpack, the duo has utilised its underground aesthetic and implemented a classic HBA hoodie onto both pieces. “An oversized French terry hoodie is the perfect comfort item while trying to navigatetransportation environments for humans so why not extend that comfort to your luggage,” said the pair on the release.


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Los Angeles-based label PLEASURES teamed up with visual artist Brvinfreeze for its RIMOWA capsule collection. Accompanied by the line “There are no PLEASURES on a dead planet”, the label transferred artworks by hand onto the Classic Trunk, Never Still Backpack and Personal Aluminum Cross-Body Bag for a series of stunning and eye-catching reworks.


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Hong Kong-based outfit CLOT enlisted the talents of world-renowned tattoo artist Dr. Woo for its RIMOWA capsule, crafting a Modernica seat engraved with hip-hop lyrics that fits atop the Original Cabin Plus resulting in what the label describes as “a new rendition of a throne”. CLOT applied the same lyrics to RIMOWA’s Never Still Weekender and Personal Polycarbonate Cross-Body Bag in Black for a total travel ensemble.

Ashley Williams

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Ashley Williams

British designer Ashley Williams describes her RIMOWA concept as “clothes for luggage”. The Fashion East alumni — who made her solo runway debut for Spring/Summer 2015 — has become renowned for her exuberant and irreverent clothing, something she’s continued with this collection after dressing the Original Check-In L and the Never Still Tote in colorful mohair patchwork knits.


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Enfants Riches Déprimés

Los Angeles and Paris-based fashion label ENFANTS RICHES DÉPRIMÉS decided to create an “aggressive trio of objects synonymous with the brand’s ethos” for its RIMOWA installment. Led by founder and conceptual artist Henri Levy, the label has applied a mixed media technique to the Classic Cabin, Classic Trunk and Personal Aluminum Cross-Body Bag, by adding multiple locks, laser-print graphics, as well as replacing the linings with new trims and hardware.


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MA®KET — formerly known as Chinatown Market — has taken its signature Acid House smiley face motif and applied it to RIMOWA’s Original Trunk XL and Never Still Backpack using a unique airbrush technique. “Our idea was to take the perfect luxury item and apply self-expression through DIY methods such as airbrush to blend high and low,” explained brand founder Michael Cherman.


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Known for its in-your-face viral merchandise, Los Angeles-based Pizzaslime brings its tongue-in-cheek attitude to RIMOWA’s Original Check-In M, Never Still Tote and Personal Aluminum Cross-Body Bag. Intended to look “cool and weird as hell”, the label has stitched 10 real wigs to the suitcase cover over the former, eyes to the tote and colorful pieces of clay to the cross-body bag, something the brand described as taking them “back to our childhood instincts to press play-doh on things like our moms’ purses”.

The full RIMOWA “Vol. 1” collection is set to drop on November 22 exclusively via HBX, with prices ranging from €1014 to €3925 (approximately $1,160 to $4,492 USD).

In other luggage news, PXG has unveiled its own eco-friendly cactus leather handbag collection.
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