GMB: Rishi Sunak clashes with Alastair Campbell

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Good Morning Britain guest presenter Alastair Campbell, 64, has taken to Twitter today to blast the Conservative government and its politicians, while laying into leader Boris Johnson. The former Labour MP didn’t hold back as he raged over their handling of Brexit and accused the nation of accepting the outcome, before claiming that the PM and his party need to go.

A country with self respect would do whatever it takes to get these b******s out

Alastair Campbell

In view of his 711,600 Twitter followers, the ITV guest newsreader called out the public for supposedly burying their heads in the sand while the government delivered Brexit.

Alastair wrote: “A right-wing cabal of liars, crooks and charlatans delivered Brexit and delivered the worst PM in our history.

“And this becalmed, dumbed down nation shrugs shoulders and mutters ‘is what it is …’

“A country with self respect would do whatever it takes to get these b******s out,” the strategist ended the tweet.

Fans of the GMB host took to the comments to air their views on the political situation, with many agreeing with him.

One wrote: “I just cannot understand the polls … they are so inept, painful to watch.”

Another chipped in: “I despise the individuals… but here’s the thing. There was an election. Record numbers voted for those people to run the country.”

A third echoed their sentiments before asking the former Labour MP what could be done.

“It feels absolutely hopeless – until the next election what CAN we do?” they commented.

When others suggested that Keir Starmer’s party may be the answer, some social media users weren’t so sure and asked where the Labour party was.

“But where is the Labour Party?” one wrote, as another penned: “What opposition?”

Tweeting this morning, the former Labour MP gave his insight on how Brexit is panning out this year so far.

Alastair wrote: “Brexit 2021: Cummings admits campaign won on lies, campaign leader useless, and doubts whether Brexit a good idea.

“Patel who promised stronger borders post-Brexit failing, on migrants, and the Johnson Variant given VIP lane,” he added.

“Frost having to beg to renegotiate his ‘great deal’.”

In a following tweet, he continued: “[T]o prevent chaos and food shortages in N Ireland. Lorry driver shortages risking similar effect here.

“Reaction of political class: ‘Hey ho, is what it is …’ Even as irreparable damage being done to the country, the country’s leaders desperately look the other way. Pathetic,” he finished.

Recently it came to light that despite Dominic Cummings personally viewing the UK’s withdrawal from the EU as a “good thing”, he admitted it could be “a mistake”.

Talking to Laura Kuenssberg, the PM’s former top aide said that “no-one on Earth” knew whether Brexit was a good idea for Britain, despite being the driving force behind the Vote Leave campaign.

Cummings went on to reveal that he discussed removing the PM from his role just weeks after the 2019 election, as well as publishing WhatsApp messages sent to him by the Conservative politician last autumn.

Days ago it was revealed that the prime minister and chancellor Rishi Sunak would be self-isolating after coming into contact with Health Secretary Sajid Javid, who had tested positive for Covid.

Their U-turn came after they stated that they would not be self-isolating as they were taking part in a pilot scheme that involved daily testing; however, after facing backlash the pair are now doing the reverse.

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