The woman who the Barbie doll is named after is giving Margot Robbie her stamp of approval … and she thinks the upcoming movie is going to please Barbie fans.

Barbara Handler Segal

Barbara Handler, whose mother Ruth created the famous toy and named it after her, tells TMZ … she’s seen the “Barbie” movie trailer that just dropped and thinks Margot nailed the starring role.

Overall, Barbara thinks the trailer is super cute and she’s especially liking Margot’s voice … and it’s got her looking forward to the movie’s July release even more. She says the rest of the cast, which includes Ryan Gosling, seems to be great together.

Ruth Handler

Barbara says her late mother, who also named the Ken doll after Barbara’s late brother, never imagined her creation being turned into a Hollywood production … and she thinks Ruth would be pleased to see the doll come to life on the big screen.

Barbara Handler Segal

The Handler family wasn’t involved in the film, but Barbara says it’s great to see her mother’s legacy live on.

BTW … Barbara does NOT go by Barbie — she’s been embarrassed by the connection her whole life. Ditto her brother Ken, who also didn’t like the association.

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