Penny Lancaster praises Rod Stewart’s support

Sir Rod Stewart, 78, has addressed the advice he shared with his son Alastair, 16, as he talked about fatherhood. The Maggie May singer spoke candidly about the advice he would say to his younger self.

The rock legend’s first daughter Sarah Streeter, was born in 1963, when the musician was just 17 years old.

Rod and Sarah’s mother, his girlfriend at the time Susannah Boffey, decided to give Sarah up for adoption because they were both teenagers when she was born.

Appearing on Australian TV, the legend was asked what his advice would be to his younger self.

He said: “Keep it in your trousers. I tell my son that because I had a child at seventeen.

“I’m having the best time of my life. I’m loving life and my children are not embarrassed to be seen with me.

“It’s just the opposite. They say ‘Why don’t you come out with us’.

“My sons borrow my clothes. I didn’t do this with my dad because he was a plumber.”

He added: “They are all different characters so I’m a different dad to each one. They are very proud of me and I’m very proud of them.”


Rod, who is married to Loose Women star Penny Lancaster, previously spoke about his family life in an unearthed interview.

The Maggie May singer, who has eight children by five different women, admitted it’s “hard” to get all of his kids together but joked he uses their inheritance as a way of making it happen.

Rod has a daughter, Sarah, 59, from a teenage relationship, Kimberly, 43, and Sean, 42, from his marriage to Alana Stewart; and Ruby, 35, from his relationship with Kelly Emberg.

He also has Renee, 30, and Liam, 28, with second wife Rachel Hunter.

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