Kal Penn has met the man of his dreams — and now his dream wedding might come true too!

Backing up for a second, over the weekend, the actor not only came out as gay but revealed that he and his longtime boyfriend Josh were engaged to be married. This news was written as part of his new memoir You Can’t Be Serious, in which he reflected:

“There’s no timeline on this stuff. People figure their s**t out at different times in their lives, so I’m glad I did when I did.”

Now that he’s free to live his truth in the public eye, the New Jersey-born artist is busy planning a wedding to his fiancé, who he’s been with for the last 11 years!

With all that time getting to know each other, you’d think they might have already planned out their big day, but, as it turns out, the two couldn’t have more opposite opinions on how to celebrate their love! Speaking to People on Thursday, the Harold & Kumar star revealed:

“The pandemic made a lot of the wedding conversations go on pause. We’re both very understated about all of the pomp and circumstance stuff. The big disagreement now is whether it’s a huge wedding or a tiny wedding. I want the big-ass Indian wedding. Josh hates attention and ‘Or, we could just do quick 20-minute thing with our families and that’s it.’ So we have to meet halfway in the middle.”

It doesn’t sound like the festivities will be broadcast online much, either. Since Josh and Penn’s family are not famous, he’d prefer to keep that side of his life private. Though it was a balancing act while writing his book, the former White House staff member in the Barack Obama administration reflected:

“Figuring out the narrative of how to respect who they really are with telling my story — that includes: my work life, both in Hollywood and D.C., it includes my love life with Josh and how we met, it includes my parents, to the extent that I’m willing to share stories about their upbringing. So that was the most important thing for me. I wanted my story to be authentic from my perspective and told in a way that makes you feel like you really get to know me.”

Ready to show a whole new side of himself, the 44-year-old continued:

“The whole point of writing this book was for the reader to feel like we’re having a beer together. I thought, if we’re supposed to feel like we’re having a beer together, then I want to take you into my stories and I want you to experience them with the same joy that I’ve experienced them. That was the way that my friends have met my parents and Josh, as they’ve gotten to know them over the last 10 years.”

Well, now that we’re all in the know, Kal is taking us along for his journey towards walking down the aisle! Getting candid on Twitter Wednesday, the comedian revealed a dream he had about his wedding, saying:

Cardi B was on my flight to LA. I fell asleep and had a dream that she officiated our wedding on the plane and the three of us walked out of LAX holding hands.”

While the Designated Survivor alum probably threw that on social media as a laugh, one very important reader took it seriously! CARDI B!! She responded:

“First, why didn’t you say hi! Second, I’m licensed to do that sooo……let me know.”

OMG! Kal took a few hours to chat with Josh about the possibility (or just to freak out over the exciting offer) and then wrote:

“You’re the best. Was gonna say hi but didn’t want to be disrespectful (your do not disturb light was on). But holy s**t let’s do it! We’re down if you’re down!”

Holy s**t is right!!

The musician has been open about being an ordained minister ever since she married an LGBTQ+ couple on her limited series Cardi Tries earlier this year, but we’re almost 100% positive Kal never saw that offer coming when he first tweeted about his dream. See the ADORBz moment the WAP performer helped two girls tie the knot (below)!

Just when we thought this Twitter exchange couldn’t get any cuter, the rapper revealed she’s already planning her outfit for the special moment! See her final response:

It looks like Kal might be getting that “gigantic Indian wedding” after all! Cause, c’mon, any wedding with Cardi B at the helm is sure to be a par-tay! Details are still up in the air about the ceremony, but things could happen last-minute, the author told People:

“Even if I win and get our gigantic Indian wedding, I guarantee you we’d still be the dummies that are like , ‘Hey, we’re getting married in two weeks. You guys want to come?’”

That kind of spontaneity is how you end up with a Grammy winner helping you tie the knot! Reactions, Perezcious readers? We hope there’s some photo proof if this dream wedding comes to life!

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