Tom Holland keeps his head down while leaving a restaurant in New York City on Thursday (March 3).

The 25-year-old actor was seen with younger brother, Harry, and carrying a few leftovers from their dinner out in Soho at Il Buco.

If you’re unaware, Harry actually had a scene in Tom‘s recent film, Spider-Man: No Way Home, but unfortunately it was cut.

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In a previous interview, Tom opened up about why his scene was removed from the final version of the movie.

“We cast Harry and he’s on set. I go up to the stunt coordinator and I’m like, ‘Please just whatever you do with the stunt, make it so he’s upside down.’ We’re doing the scene. Harry‘s upside down swinging back and forth. Bless him, he’s doing a really good job,” Tom said.

“And as the day’s going on he’s got these lines and he’s starting to forget his lines and his eyes are about to pop out of his head,” he continued.

“So we’re driving home that day and I was actually really proud of him. But he’s driving home that day and he’s like ‘Mate you can complain as much as you want. That is brutal.’ But the icing on the cake, and I don’t think he actually knows this. We saw the film the other day. And they’ve cut the scene. It’s not in the film.”

Spider-Man: No Way Home is out in theaters now.

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