Actors like Tom Hanks and William Shatner have been “going to space” for decades in their movies. Recently, though, Jeff Bezos actually offered to take them to outer space. He asked Hanks first, but Shatner became the first actor to enter orbit. So why did Hanks turn down the Amazon founder and billionaire?

Jeff Bezos asked Tom Hanks to go to space

Before Shatner was propositioned to go to space by Bezos, Hanks had the opportunity to adventure past the atmosphere and into orbit. However, Hanks refused. Why? Bezos wanted him to pay for the trip himself, as he told Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Just how much was the trip that Hanks laughed off the offer? The beloved actor stated that Bezos’ 12-minute space jaunt costs a cool $28 million. According to Hanks, he’s doing well financially but would not spend that much money on a 12-minute joyride.

Hanks and Williams Shatner aren’t the only celebrities interested in space travel

The race to space is taking on a new meaning over the past few years as Bezos competes with Richard Branson and Elon Musk to create space travel shuttlecraft and launch a new way to tour the world. Who else is on the list for some of the first seats into space on a commercial rocket?

Forbes reports that Justin Bieber and Leonardo DiCaprio have bought tickets. Hanks also has a ticket for the Virgin Galactic whose ticket price is reportedly a lot less than the offer Bezos gave him. Admission quickly shot up to over $250,000.

Space travel is becoming more popular with celebrities. With the advancement of technology, advanced tickets for Virgin Galactic’s 90-minute flights are already selling out. It might be possible in the near future to see a space hotel pop up for longer journeys!

Hanks’ movies have taken him into space and now a post-apocalyptic world

Hanks has spent time in fictional space, showing the world how difficult it is to be an astronaut. In Apollo 13, he portrayed one of the astronauts who survived a tragic occurrence leaving them with little oxygen for their flight around the moon.

Using only what they had aboard the shuttle the crew managed to recycle water and air to make it through the long flight, even as one of them became extremely ill. Apollo 13 became one of the best-loved space films about an actual event. Now, Hanks has moved past his portrayal of the past and is looking to the future.

In his new post-apocalyptic film Finch, he is alone on the planet and trying to survive. His only companions are a robot and dog. As they journey through the solar-flare-decimated lands to reach a safe haven in the mountains, the team grows closer.

Shatner and Hanks are among the many stars who will eventually experience the wonders of real space flight. With many opportunities to come in the future, will you decide to leave the planet, even for that 12-minute joyride?

You can catch Hanks’ new film, Finch, on Apple TV+ and laugh and cry with him as he wanders the scorched Earth looking for a safe place.

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