Carole Baskin participating in “Dancing with the Stars” proves she doesn’t give a rip about the animals in her care … or so claims Doc Antle, who has some harsh thoughts.

The ‘Tiger King’ star tore into Carole in this exclusive clip, obtained by TMZ. In what’s part of a new documentary Doc’s heavily featured in, he openly wonders how Carole could be away for weeks of ‘DWTS’ … IF she really cares for the animals at her sanctuary.

For him, it just doesn’t add up … and he essentially calls Carole a hypocrite for something she’s previously said about her “best friends.”

As we’re told … Carole’s hubby, Howard, is handling the day-to-day operation of her Big Cat Rescue … along with her daughter, Jamie. Our sources say they also have 100 volunteers helping out.

Still, Doc says that wouldn’t fly at most reputable animal sanctuaries, and he thinks it reflects poorly on Carole.

As for how he thinks she’s doing so far on the pasodoble front, Doc tells TMZ he thinks Carole’s a “terrible dancer.” Aside from that, he’s digging the season thus far.

BTW, the new docuseries is called “Tiger Kingdom: More Than a King” and airs Oct. 1 on WEIV and the trailer is on TigerKing.TV. We’re told it’s about the aftermath of the OG ‘Tiger King’ series, and Doc will also address some unanswered questions.

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