Tiffany Haddish has strong feelings about the Texas abortion law — saying men who wanna control women’s bodies should experience pregnancy, but she put it in much more, umm … vivid terms.

We got the comedian at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood where she hosted an event for her She Ready Foundation (more on that in a bit), and asked her about the Texas law outlawing abortion after the first 6 weeks of pregnancy … even for rape victims.

As a rape survivor, Tiffany’s fuming because she believes most of the TX legislators have no idea what it’s like to be penetrated, to be a woman or to be pregnant, but she’s got a solution — “Well sir, you carry a watermelon in your pants … in your balls for a few months!!!”

Watch the video, because she got way more colorful and, frankly, emotional about the topic.

As we reported … Sarah Silverman also had strong feelings about the new law, calling it a declaration of war on poor people. Tiffany says she’s pro-life but also “very much pro-MY life.”

Translation: let women decide what they want to do with their own bodies.

On a lighter note … Tiffany couldn’t be more ecstatic to be celebrating the first graduating class of her foundation’s summer interns.

She said they all came from foster care or probation departments, and have aspirations of making it in the entertainment industry.

Tiffany says growing up in foster care and moving from house to house and carrying her clothes in trash bags made her feel like garbage. She said everything changed for her when someone gave her a suitcase.

The foundation launched by getting foster kids suitcases, but it has since evolved to helping foster kids land internships. Nice!!!

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