Ree Drummond is one of the world’s most popular home chefs and Food Network stars, a woman who has shared her life and her family’s experiences with all of her fans and followers for years. A force of nature, Drummond first started appearing on the Food Network in 2011.

Since then, has not only helmed her own successful series, The Pioneer Woman, but has guest-starred on a variety of other Food Network programs as well. These days, Drummond is still a fan-favorite, not only for the delicious recipes that she shares but for the warm way that she encourages fans to get comfortable in the kitchen and make their own family memories. 

When did Ree Drummond start blogging?

Drummond spent the earliest years of her professional life studying journalism before going on to study gerontology. She planned to attend law school in the big city of Chicago, Illinois — but her plans were derailed when she met rancher Ladd Drummond at a small club in Oklahoma. The two got married and in short order, Drummond began life as a rancher’s wife, raising their four small children.

In 2006, Drummond began blogging, writing about the details of life on a ranch — and sprinkling in a lot of details about their family recipes and favorite meals. Eventually, Drummond started sharing recipes, many of them accompanied by descriptive photos of the cooking process.

By 2009, Drummond’s website, “The Pioneer Woman,” was receiving millions of visitors, with Drummond rising to fame as one of pop culture’s most vibrant, entertaining voices. 

Ree Drummond is now the head of a business empire

In 2011, after releasing several bestselling books, Drummond launched her very own cooking series on Food Network. The Pioneer Woman became an instant hit with fans, many of whom loved seeing Drummond and her family on their Oklahoma ranch, preparing delicious, easy recipes.

To this day, Drummond’s show is going strong, even though the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way that the family filmed the beloved series.

Drummond has also utilized her popularity with fans to build a veritable business empire. From opening pizzerias in Oklahoma to releasing a line of specialty frozen foods and dog treats, it seems as though there’s nothing that Drummond can’t do.

Through it all, she has remained relatable and approachable, connecting with her fans on social media and frequently opening up about how her readers can get more comfortable in the kitchen. 

What is Ree Drummond’s biggest tip to getting comfortable in the kitchen?

In an interview with Taste of Home, Drummond opened up about her own cooking process and how she recommends everyone starts out in the kitchen prior to preparing a big meal. Drummond follows the rule of “mise en place,” a French term that means “everything in place.”

For Drummond, this means laying out all of her ingredients prior to starting to cook. “If you don’t have to stop in the middle of searing something to go find the Worcestershire or the soy sauce, it really just helps to have it there and take away some of the chaos,” Drummond said.

In general, Drummond said, “mise en place” will help keep the cooking process simple and eliminate a lot of the stress, so that all of her fans can start preparing meals the “Pioneer Woman” way.

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