taylor swift

Taylor Swift‘s L.A. concert is the biggest event of the year for sure, which is why 70,000 people packed into Sofi Stadium Thursday night, shouting lyrics that can be heard far and wide … much to the chagrin of some very tired homeowners!

Taylor’s first of 6 concerts ended at 11:45 PM, depriving some residents of their 8 hours of shuteye. One person in particular — truth be told it’s a dude who works at TMZ — groused as he recorded Taylor and her legion of fans singing “You Belong with Me,” complaining of the loud noise seeping from the stadium.

Fact is … this guy is a known curmudgeon, so discount his displeasure. Nonetheless, the noise is really loud.

It’s interesting … in 2021, during rehearsals for the Super Bowl Halftime Show, when Dr. Dre and his crew wanted to keep the performances top secret, Stadium staff blasted rock music outside so neighbors couldn’t tattle on the set list and the surprise guest (50 Cent). That too pissed off some residents, including our guy, so this is all par for the course.

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