Barack Obama‘s kids are just like us — hitting the grocery store on their own to stock up on grub … which is exactly what Sasha Obama was doing this week.

The ex-First Daughter — who’s 22 years old now — was spotted out in WeHo Friday doing a little supermarket pop-in at a Trader Joe’s there … and as you can see, she was venturing out solo for the food run, without a bodyguard in sight (more on this later).

sasha obama

Sasha had on headphones and was wearing a pretty relaxed ‘fit — crop top, etc. Nobody seemed to recognize her, and no one bothered her either. She was just doing her thing.

It might not seem fascinating on its face — after all, we know Sasha’s been living out here in L.A. for a quick minute now … as she’s often spotted hitting the town, especially Hollywood.

Ditto for her sister, Malia … who’s also living in L.A. now and working as a professional screenwriter. Both of the Obama girls are usually rolling solo — without any SS protection.

If you’ve been wondering why that might be the case — seeing how their mom and dad are always surrounded by government-sanctioned bodyguards, and will be for the rest of their days — the answer lies in Secret Service policy … which says the kiddos get cut off after 16.


This explains why Sasha and Malia are almost always on their own … and look like ordinary citizens. At this point, in Uncle Sam’s eyes — they very much are. Also, remember … Barack has publicly said his daughters didn’t like SS trailing them when they were teens, jokingly saying they had “PTSD” from the whole experience. So, yeah — they’ve outgrown it.

Here’s hoping she picked up some dark chocolate peanut butter cups. Happy shopping.😋

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