Speaking out! Members of Bachelor Nation had a lot to say after fellow cast member Taylor Nolan’s insensitive tweets resurfaced at the end of February.

The Bachelor alum’s old social media posts used homophobic slurs, fat-shaming language and insulted Indian, Asian and Jewish communities.

Though Nolan, 27, apologized for her past comments in an Instagram video on Sunday, February 28, the response was not enough for many of the psychotherapist’s colleagues and fans.

“My tweets from 10 years ago are sh–ty, they suck, they were wrong and are hurtful,” Nolan wrote as she shared a video. “I want to be clear that they don’t take away from the work I do today, they are literally how I got here to doing this work. If you’re gonna take the time and energy to scroll through ten years of my tweets, then please take your time to listen to this video. I never deleted those tweets for a reason because they’ve been a part of my journey since way before going [on] The Bachelor. I didn’t need anyone to call those things out to me to know they were wrong, I’ve been doing that work on my own for the last ten years and it’s the same work I do today and the same work I will continue doing for the rest of my life.”

The Washington native released another Instagram statement on Monday, March 1, expressing regret once again for both her tweets and her original video.

“Yesterday’s response was a reaction and not an apology. I’m sorry I didn’t take a second to come correct. I owe you all an apology,” Nolan wrote. “There is no question or defending that every word of my old tweets are harmful, wrong, triggering and incredibly upsetting to the communities that I identify with and that I support. I’m so sorry to the folks that were triggered and re-traumatized by seeing the hurtful words from my past.”

In her apology, Nolan admitted that the social media posts were “vile and unacceptable.” The “Let’s Talk About It” podcast host wrote that the old tweets, “were a way for me to deflect from my own internalized racism, misogyny and ignorance. … Still, they cause harm and I am accountable [for] that harm.”

Prior to being called out for her own wrongdoings, Nolan spoke out against Chris Harrison‘s controversial Extra interview with Rachel Lindsay, calling for the Bachelor host to be fired. Lindsay and others have since reacted to Nolan’s own scandal and her apologies thereafter.

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