Kelvin Fletcher and family in car after experiencing power cut

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Kelvin Fletcher, 38, has given fans an insight into his thoughts after he swapped his showbiz lifestyle for a life in the Peak District. The former Emmerdale star took the plunge last year and moved to the countryside with his family to delve into country living.

He and his wife, Liz Marsland, are now settled into their new lifestyle after moving from Manchester to a farm in the Peak District back in February 2021.

The couple, who share two children and have twins on the way, show the ins and outs of living on a farm on BBC One’s Kelvin’s Big Farming Adventure.

However, the move was not smooth sailing in the beginning, with Kelvin admitting it was a “pretty overwhelming” decision to take.

Speaking to journalist Kate Thornton on her podcast White Wine Question Time, Kelvin explained why the huge move seemed “a little bit daunting”.

Kate said she was three episodes into the couple’s programme and was “staggered” by their “naivety” when it came to the great outdoors.

Amid laughs, Kelvin responded: “Makes for good TV though, eh?”

Kate went on: “[I thought,] ‘Obviously he knows loads about farming after doing 20 years on Emmerdale…’

“No, you didn’t! Did you?”

Kelvin confessed: “Not a thing, not a thing.

“I think the whole programme was a year in the making, from deciding to take the plunge and move out into the countryside, move to a farm…

“It kind off organically developed from there, so with no real desire to go and become farmers.

“It was just a case of a new change, you know, a new way of life, living in the countryside that happened to be buying a farm.

“And then once we kind of got there and got a quick introduction into farming we just thought, ‘well, maybe we could try this… we’ll start small and we’ll go from there.’

“So, as the programme shows, you know, we were so green…

“I knew very, very little but I just thought I’d learn on the job, that kind of didn’t scare me because I knew that it was all temporary.”

Speaking of combining his and Liz’s work on the farm with their acting career, Kelvin said working on the farm was “very much another career”.

He also explained that they allowed the farm work to “consume” them as they found it “fascinating”.

Kelvin added: “At times it can be pretty overwhelming and a little bit daunting because there’s so much you need to learn and understand and there’s a lot of responsibility on your shoulders […].”

The actor also uses his social media platforms to update fans on the latest events on the farm.

In a recent post, Kelvin showed the chaos caused by Storm Eunice as he explained there had been a power cut at his home and he and his family had to sit on the drive in their car.

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