In a cryptic social media post, Mandy Moore said she’s dealing with an “upsetting personal betrayal” from a new friend. The “This Is Us” star didn’t name the culprit. Alongside a photo of herself on set, Mandy wrote, “At work. Dealing with some upsetting personal betrayal stuff from a new person in my life and trying to parce through what to learn from it. Don’t trust people? Don’t be too generous?” On her Instagram Story, Mandy admitted to being hurt by the person who was “intimately involved in my life for a short period,” but she also wants “to let it go.” She added, “Man, some people really let you down. The selfishness and lack of respect and entitlement is WILD.” After some time to decompress, the “Candy” singer felt centered after thinking about her two children, sons Gus, 2, and Ozzie, 5 months, whom she shares with husband Taylor Goldsmith. “Deep breath. So grateful for my family and babies and this life. I won’t let anyone ROB that joy from me,” she wrote on Tuesday, April 4. “Onward and upward, right? Let them know and let it go.”

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Prison life

Todd Chrisley is making the best of a bad situation. Having served two months of a 12-year prison sentence, the “Chrisley Knows Best” star is making “great friends” behind bars, his daughter Lindsie Chrisley said on the The Southern Tea podcast. “His spirits are great. He is really just embracing the process there and making the best of the process there with the people that are also there serving time with him,” she said. “He’s made great friends. He talks about his friends there.” Since lock up, Todd has let his hair grow, too. “My last visit with my dad, I couldn’t stop telling him how great that he looked. He looks very very good. I told him, I said, ‘Even your hair looks better, a little bit longer and a little bit grayer.’ His nails aren’t completely bitten off.”

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Dragged down

Kelsea Ballerini refuses to be dragged for her CMT performance. On Sunday, April 2, the country superstar performed her hit “If You Go Down (I’m Goin’ Down Too)” alongside four drag queens from “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Many on social media claimed the show had gone “woke” and criticized Kelsea for the drag queens, but she’s not backing down. TMZ said, “Kelsea fully stands by her decision to feature the drag queens.” Plus, Kelsea’s decision to use drag queens wasn’t a surprise, as they were a part of rehearsals. CMT and CBS were extremely supportive of the decision, the webloids says. Coincidentally, country music’s home is Nashville, Tennessee. In March, the Tennessee state legislature passed a bill that would criminalizes some drag performances. Just two days before Kelsea’s performance — which took place in Austin, Texas — a federal judge blocked the bill. Following the CMTs, Kelsea thanked the “iconic queens” for “celebrating love, self expression, and performance.”

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Last words…

While in critical condition and staring death in the face, Jeremy Renner had some things to say. “I’m writing down notes in my phone — my last words to my family,” the “Hawkeye” star tells Diane Sawyer in an ABC News interview. The actor was run over by a 14,000-pound snowplow on New Year’s Day while helping his nephew. Now, three months later, Jeremy believes he would have died had his nephew not been there at the time of the incident. “If I was there, on my own, that would’ve been a horrible way to die,” he said. “And surely, I would’ve. Surely. But I wasn’t alone — [I was with] my nephew. Sweet Alex. And the rest of the cavalry came.” In a previous teaser of the interview, the extent of Jeremy’s injuries were detailed. Still, he has no regrets, even saying he would do it “again” to help his nephew. “I chose to survive, it’s not going to kill me, no way,” he said of his injuries. “I’ve lost a lot of flesh and bone in this experience, but I’ve been refueled and refilled with love and titanium.”

Eye injury

Tori Spelling confused fans this week after she was spotted wearing an eye patch. This week, the “Beverly Hills 90210” star said the patch wasn’t a fashion-forward trend, but rather a necessity after getting an ulcer in her eye. “It’s my fault. I did this to myself,” she told bestie Jennie Garth on their “9021OMG” podcast. “I have contacts but I wear daily ones. So. at the end of the day, whatever, I can make all the excuses I want. I don’t take them out. I sleep in them, and it’s not healthy, and you’re supposed to take them out.” Tori didn’t detail how long she was wearing the contacts before the infection but admitted that she’ll often go three weeks without taking them out. 

After the “mom-shaming”

Sara Beth Liebe, the “American Idol” contestant who was mom-shamed by Katy Perry, is “not even mad” at the pop star. Sara went viral last month while auditioning for the singing competition. Prior to her song, she told she judges she’s 25 years old and has three children. Katy quipped, “Honey, you’ve been laying on the table too much.” Although Sara moved on to the next round (which Katy voted in favor of,) the mom of three quit the show. On Tuesday, April 4, Sara spoke of Katy and the mom-shaming incident. “If you watch my videos, you’d know that I’m not even mad. I’m just trying to do music,” she said, claiming she’s not looking for her “15 minutes of fame or whatever the hell everyone is saying.” “I’m so over it,” she added. “No more.” Sara, though, continued speaking about the ABC show, alleging that it edited multiple standing ovations she got. She called the editing “a bit lame.”  

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