Kate Middleton opened up on how the Royal Family miss Princess Diana in a rare moment of openness and honestly during a walkabout on one of her latest engagements.

The Princess of Wales, 41, who was the first to take over the important mantle after Diana's tragic death in 1997, had stopped to have a conversation with fans on Thursday 27 April.

The Royal ended up having an emotional chat as she talked about how her husband Prince William, 40, and the rest of the family miss Diana every day.

It began as a woman complimented Kate on her famous blue sapphire engagement ring, which originally belonged to her late mother-in-law.

Smiling gratefully, the Princess shared some new information about the statement piece, which features an oval gemstone and a crown of diamonds around it.

"It's the same ring and it was exactly the same size when I tried it on," Kate nodded as she showed off the stones in the light.

Going on to reflect on the loss of William's beloved mother, Kate continued: "With the children and the grandchildren, she would've loved being a grandmother so much.

"She'd be brilliant. We miss her every day," the Royal mum-of-three smiled.

The clip was posted by Laura-Ann Barr on Instagram, who regularly shares Royal content on her page.

"Kate talking about Diana yesterday… and her engagement ring was exactly the same size," she captioned the video.

Wearing a green and brown Barbour jacket as she chatted, Kate used an umbrella to shield herself from the pouring rain.

Despite the miserable weather, the Princess of Wales looked fresh-faced as always and her sleek brunette mane was pristine.

The sweet and unexpected moment came as a result of Kate and William's official engagement to south Wales, where they were making an important visit to the small town of Aberfan a day later.

Aberfan was the site of the horrific 1966 mountain disaster, which saw 144 people killed when a colliery spoil tip collapsed at the top. Of those that died, 116 were children.

As well as official visits to the Aberfan Memorial Garden to pay their respects, Kate and Will also spent time abseiling down the side of cliffs in the Brecon Beacons.

They were guided around the memorial garden by former Pantglas Primary School pupil David Davies, who was a survivor of the disaster, and Professor Peter Vaughan, Lord Lieutenant of Mid Glamorgan.

The Royal couple also met some of the Aberfan Wives group who lost husbands in the disaster, as well as trustees from the Aberfan Memorial Trust.

After that, the couple spent some time chatting to mountain rescue workers, before making a stop-off at a local rugby club.


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