Dated, but with a purpose

Julia Fox seemed enamored with Kanye West during their short six-week romance in January 2022, but she now says she was only with the rapper for the sake of his estranged wife Kim Kardashian. Huh? The “Uncut Gems” star was asked by a fan why would date someone like Kanye, prompting Julia to claim he was “normal” around her. She then praised Kim and her sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian, calling them “my girls.” “By the time me and [Ye] got together, it was like, he hadn’t been doing anything out there yet. The only thing he had done was change the name in the song and said, like, ‘Come back to me, Kimberly,'” Julia noted, claiming she initially ignored Ye’s barrage of texts. Kanye even accused her of having “bad text etiquette” because of her indifference to his messages. Then, she says she had a revelation that would help Kim. “I was like, ‘Oh my God, Kanye’s yelling at me, like, what do I do?’ But then I had this thought, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, maybe I can get him off Kim’s case.’ Like, ‘Maybe I can distract him and just get him to like me,'” she continued. “If anyone can do it, it’s me. When I set my mind to something, I do it.” Throughout the short romance, Ye even avoided social media, which has gotten him into trouble. “I will say that, that month that we spent together, he wasn’t on Twitter, first of all, he wasn’t on any forms of social media,” she recalled. “He didn’t even talk about his relationship. We only really talked about clothes and, like, weird ideas and plans for the future and our hopes and dreams for childhood and education.” She continued, “It was really beautiful. The moment he started tweeting, I was out. I realized pretty quickly that he wasn’t going to take my help. I sounded almost as dumb as you guys, saying that I should’ve done something to stop him from saying… like what?”

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What’s comes after sentencing?

On the heels of their parent’s prison sentences, Savannah and Lindsie Chrisley are cryptically reacting. After the “Chrisley Knows Best” patriarch was sentenced to 12 years for bank fraud and tax evasion, Lindsie Chrisley posted a video of two girlfriends sitting on a bed. “The best girlfriends, show up in the bad times with hugs and champagne,” she wrote as Bruno Mars’ “Count on Me” played. Savannah, meanwhile, posted a defiant quote by pastor Kimberly Jones, aka Real Talk Kim. “Noah didn’t stop building the ark to explain himself to everyone who doubted and hated on him,” the post read. “Keep building your ark. The rain will do the talking.” Savannah’s mom, Julie Chrisley, was sentenced to seven years in prison for the same crimes as her husband. She will also be on probation for 16 months. In light of the sentences, Page Six said several of the family’s reality TV shows were canceled, including “Growing Up Chrisley” and  “Love Limo,” which Todd was set to host. 

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The affect of mom shaming

Coco Austin has been under the parenting microscope many, many times, and she’s admitted that the criticism affects her. “I have the whole world and I’m underneath a microscope all the time and you don’t hear what good you do,” she said on “The Tamron Hall Show.” “You don’t hear the goodness, you just hear a lot of bad and I know I’m a good mother because I dedicated the last six years –putting everything aside, my career, everything — just for her.” Over the years, Coco has been mom shamed over the stroller her daughter, Chanel, 6, uses; she’s been mom shamed over her daughter’s bathing situation; last year she faced criticism over her daughter breastfeeding. It’s been one thing after another. After thinking of all this, she told Tamron, “You just want a little love, you want a little respect from people.”

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Friend dating ex? Meh

Kim Kardashian is seemingly unfazed by Pete Davidson’s reported romance with Emily Ratajkowski. The duo was recently linked after pictures showed them hugging after a date. The budding romance has been under a microscope due to Emily and Kim’s friendship (and the fact Pete and Kim dated for nine months.) “Kim is not bothered by Pete and Emily’s relationship and knows that things were over between her and Pete,” a source told ET. “She just wants everyone to live their best lives and be happy.” Similarly, Kim is also remaining even-keeled in regard to her ongoing divorce from Kanye West. “Kim is continuing to do her best when it comes to co-parenting with Kanye. She is trying to focus on herself and her kids’ happiness. She has been leaning on her very regimented and balanced work schedule, diet and fitness regimen, family routine and more,” the source shared. “Her family acts as her rock and she loves engaging in anything and everything family related. Her kids are doing super well and feel taken care of across the board.” If Kanye continues to dismiss court hearings pertaining to custody of his children — as he recently did — a judge could very well give Kim whatever she wants. 

Painful recovery but no pain pills

Jay Leno is recovering from his burns without the aid of painkillers, according to his pal Tim Allen. “The Santa Clauses” star joked with Jimmy Fallon that Jay “couldn’t feel pain.” “I called him the day of the accident — our shops are close to each other. We play around with hot rods and stuff. And one of his mechanics called and said, ‘Jay’s been in a bad accident,'” Tim said before wondering, “What do you do? He’s going to the hospital. What am I’m going to do? All I can do is leave a message.” To Tim’s surprise, Jay called five minutes later. “Hey, Tim, what’s going on?,'” Jay asked. The former “Tonight Show” host was badly burned after one of his vehicles suddenly erupted into flames as he worked on it. The “Toy Story” star said Jay confirmed he suffered third-degree burns on his hand and face. It was even painful to hold the phone, but Jay refused to take meds, telling Tim, “Pain is there for a reason.” Tim recalled telling Jay, “Okay. I think pain is there to tell you to take a painkiller isn’t that what it’s supposed to.”

Financial matters

Even after her tragic death, Anne Heche is feeling financial strain. People magazine reported that Anne’s ex Thomas Jane is suing her estate for an unpaid $150,000 loan. According to the lawsuit, Thomas alleged that he loaned the actress $157,000 and is still owed $149,106.04. He is also seeking $18.77 per day in growing interest. Thomas claims the late actress agreed to repay the loan in $10,000 monthly installments beginning in August 2021. She made the first two payments but then stopped. Anne passed in August after being involved in a fiery car crash in Los Angeles. During the crash, she plowed through the home of a woman, narrowly missing her. That woman is also now suing Anne’s estate. 

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