Those bombs bursting in air for President Biden‘s Inauguration celebration required tens of thousands of fireworks to ensure his big day ended with a bang.

The company behind Wednesday night’s fireworks show that lit up the sky while Katy Perry sang her hit, “Firework,” tells TMZ … a total of 35,000 shells exploded around the Washington Monument.

Garden State Fireworks owner August Santore tell us work began in earnest last Thursday, with a 25-man crew gearing up for the grand finale of the “Celebrating America” primetime special by setting up launching pads at 14 different locations.

With 35,000 fireworks going off, that’s a lot of shells and debris to pick up … and we’re told the cleanup crew is aiming to be done by Saturday if all goes well.

The show went off without a hitch as the new Prez and First Lady soaked it all in from a White House balcony. Uncle Sam’s relied on Garden State Fireworks for years, they’ve scored 8 straight contracts for the annual 4th of July Celebration at the National Mall.

BTW … those 4th of July firework shows are much bigger than what we saw Inauguration Day, as this show was only 5 minutes compared to the 20-minute variety for Independence Day.

While GSF did most of the heavy lifting, we’re told they also worked with a live special events company, Strictly FX, that was hired by the Inauguration Committee.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

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