Jodie Turner-Smith gets candid about the reality of taking care of a newborn amid one of the most uncertain times in recent history.

For her new digital cover interview with ELLE, Turner-Smith discussed how she and her husband, actor Joshua Jackson, are adjusting to parenthood as the coronavirus pandemic continues on. The couple welcomed their first child together, a baby girl, back in April.

“Navigating parenthood at any time is difficult, and it’s even more difficult without support, when everything is shut down and you can’t really see other people or go anywhere,” the actress said. She added, however, that she feels lucky she’s at home with a newborn, and not an older child who needs help with Zoom school, pointing out the struggle moms are having with virtual learning during this time.

“[But] I’m not having to sit on Zoom with her and suddenly become her educator as well as her caretaker,” said the actress.

Turner-Smith also expressed her gratitude for her husband during the interview, sharing that Jackson has always been supportive of her not just as a wife and mother, but of her creative endeavors as well.

During the creation of her directorial debut for the short film Jackie (a collaboration between Gucci, for which Turner-Smith is an ambassador, and Dazed magazine), the actress said that her husband “sat with me, being my biggest supporter and my brain trust, and we watched all these references.”

She added, “He let me bounce all these ideas off him until all hours of the morning.”

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