Beat the Chasers: Jenny says she’s taking ‘anger management’

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Jenny Ryan, 39, jokingly told Bradley Walsh she’d been in “anger management” as he introduced the first episode of the new series of Beat The Chasers, that began on Monday evening. The Vixen, as she’s known on the show, quipped she was trying to keep her emotions under control when her co-stars get a question wrong, but wasn’t making any promises last night.

I’ve been taking anger management classes to work my violent reactions to my colleagues incorrect answers

Jenny Ryan

In the intro, Bradley directed his attention to The Chasers who one by one gave their game plan for the evening.

Anne Hegerty, i.e The Governess, was pretty straight forward with her notion, saying: “I want to take their [contestants] hopes and dreams, and then crush them.”

Jenny on the other hand, tried to remain balanced as the show kicked off.

“I’ve been taking anger management classes,” she told Brad, “to work my violent reactions to my colleagues incorrect answers.

“But honestly, under pressure I can’t make any promises guys,” she shrugged as she glanced at her colleagues who just grinned.

It comes after she jokingly “punched” her colleague Paul Sinha, known as The Sinnerman on the ITV gameshow for getting a question wrong during the quick fire round.

The Sinnerman blurted out the wrong answer to a Star Wars question, and resident super-fan Jenny was quick to show her distain.

She shot him a sharp glare and appeared to lightly hit his arm, as he looked at her confused.

She then proceeded to get the next question wrong and Paul returned the menacing stare, in an exchange fans labelled as “priceless”.

Addressing his co-star’s “punch”, Paul referred to it as “p**s funny” after the show had aired.

Taking to Twitter, he provided a little more detail about what went on behind the scenes, saying: “I know Sweet FA about Star Wars.

“It just wasn’t my question to answer. I just heard a hard T sound twice and assumed the answer must be Tatooine.

“Because we make mistakes. Jenny was right to be angry. Neither of us were right to stare at each other. Both of us had totally forgotten that the next question was ours.”[sic]

He continued: “In that four seconds, both of us looked ridiculous. It was exhilarating at the time, and p**s funny as well. It is funny when things go wrong. I didn’t make the same mistake again, Jenny never punched anyone again.[sic]

“After nine months of lockdown, loss of work, rules, regulations, frustration – it felt amazing to get punched by a great friend in a totally farcical incident. I just hadn’t had enough of that in 2020.”

After realising he didn’t actually speak about the moment in question, he added: “I now realise I didn’t even address the actual punch. I didn’t even know. I was told after. It was nothing.

“Two grown adults glaring at each other unaware that Bradley was asking us a question. That was the shameful/p**s funny bit. Incidentally a lot else happened in the episode.”[sic]

Beat The Chasers sees contestants take on the five quizzers, with Mark aka The Beast, Anne, Shaun Wallace known as The Dark Destroyer and Jenny, with Darragh Ennis standing in for Paul during the first episode.

The show will air all of this week at 9pm on ITV.

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