Summer on the Farm: Helen Skelton tells guest to ‘calm yourself’

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This Week On The Farm host Helen Skelton, 37, has revealed that she finds it “annoying” that people view her as “competitive” in light of being a Guinness World Record holder and after her multiple outdoor adventures. Talking to host Peter Banks on the Pillow Talk – The Official Rudding Park Podcast, the former Blue Peter presenter revealed that she dislikes being branded “competitive” as it comes with negative connotations.

Everyone sees me as competitive!

Helen Skelton

Later this year, Helen will be competing against Natalie Pinkham, Fleur East and Bela Shah for the opportunity to compete in the BMW PGA Championships through the Slingsby Gin Golf Academy.

When speaking to the mother-of-two about how her training on the golf course is going, Peter asked the Springwatch star whether a rumour he had heard was true.

He said: “Rumour has it that the other cadets see you as competitive, is that true?”

However, the Yorkshire native didn’t waste any time in addressing the rumour.

“Everyone sees me as competitive!” she exclaimed.

“Really?” asked the podcast host.

“Everyone sees me as competitive,” Helen reiterated before explaining why she found the label a personal bugbear.

She continued: “It’s kind of annoying because I think, especially when you’re a woman, being competitive is seen as being really unattractive.

“It’s like, ‘Oh, she’s really competitive, she must be a right b****.'”

However, the farming star went on to reveal if she is competitive, it is always against herself and not her teammates.

Helen said: “But it’s like that competitiveness isn’t a bad thing, I’m not competitive with others, but I’m competitive with myself.

“I agreed to play golf and I wanted to be good enough to not make a fool of myself, so I’m competitive with myself.”

The star added that by participating in the golf Championships, she hopes that her golfing skills will have improved.

“I’m not doing this because I want to be better than Bella or better than Natalie, I want to be better than I was at the start,” she explained.

Previously, the star spoke to about being “booed” by an audience at Winter Wonderland while practising a tightrope walk, ahead of walking the highline for charity.

When she was 27, the Blue Peter presenter walked for 150m on a high-wire above Battersea Power Station as part of a challenge for children’s charity Comic Relief.

Opening up about her resilient character, Helen explained that prior to the charity walk she was jeered at for falling off the high line in a training session.

She said: “I’m not afraid to make an idiot of myself, the tightrope thing is amazing because about two months earlier I went to the circus at Winter Wonderland in London to walk on the high line.”

“I was so bad at it I fell off so many times, the whole audience was booing me, even the kids,” Helen added.

Clearly not put off by her bad experience, the Countryfile star went on to complete the walk in south London.

She explained: “I’m not naturally good at stuff but I’m also not bothered when it goes wrong.”

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