Brazilian-American actor Morena Baccarin has played an array of roles in various superhero films and TV shows, including the first two Deadpool movies, Fox’s TV show Gotham, and the mid-2000s animated series Justice League Unlimited. But before Baccarin was navigating the world of superheroes, she was navigating otherworldly planets in Joss Whedon’s space Western drama Firefly.

These roles have won Baccarin numerous award nods, including nominations at the Imagen Awards, Teen Choice Awards and MTV Movie Awards. But accolades are not the only thing this actress is collecting — Baccarin has also established a considerable net worth over the years. 

‘Firefly’ was Morena Baccarin’s first TV role

Baccarin studied theater at the Juilliard School and got her first lead film role in 2001’s Way Off Broadway. Reviewing the movie at the time of its release, Deseret News said the film had “one thing going for it,” which was “up-and-coming actress Morena Baccarin.” 

After being an understudy for actress Natalie Portman, Baccarin soon began to catch the eye of Hollywood directors and producers. “She came to the attention of Joss Whedon who cast her in his short-lived cult sci-fi show Firefly (2002),” reports IMDB. “Since then she has rarely been off our TV screens.”

In Firefly, Baccarin plays the part of Inara Serra, a member of high-society known as a Companion. “[Serra is a] sort of a timeless character,” explains Baccarin in a Huffington Post interview. “It’s a great role. It’s romantic and intriguing and I think it’s rooted in some real gritty-ness and reality.”

Although Firefly ended after just one season, Baccarin returned to the role in the TV show’s film sequel, Serenity. And while she’s now starred in countless TV dramas, Firefly was the actress’ first-ever television role. “It was a blast,” she told the Huffington Post. “It was my first TV job. It was a special experience all-around. Everybody was incredible and sweet and fun. It was a real family. And, I didn’t know how good I had it, because it was my first time out of the gate and I didn’t really realize until I had other experiences how rare that is. It was just a real family.”

Baccarin is married to her ‘Gotham’ costar

Since 2015, Baccarin has played Dr. Leslie Thompkins in the Batman TV show Gotham. She appears alongside actor Ben McKenzie, who plays detective James Gordon. But the two are more than just costars. 

The two have been married since 2017 after having their first child together in March 2016. “It’s very nice to work with your significant other, especially when you’re pregnant because you know you’ll get some extra TLC and get taken care of,” the actress told People when she was pregnant. The publication explains that their relationship was first reported in 2015 when they were spotted together at the Emmy Awards.

In March 2021, the two announced that their second child was born. It was a baby boy, and they named him Arthur. “Arthur is Baccarin’s third child and McKenzie’s second,” reports People magazine. “Baccarin is also mom to 7-year-old son Julius from her previous marriage to director Austin Chick.”

Baccarin has established a significant net worth

IMDB notes that Baccarin has more than 50 film and TV credits to her name, including several upcoming projects still in the works. These include two films (Last Looks and The Good House). Many of Baccarin’s roles have been in major blockbusters, which have likely generated the actress a significant paycheck. 

To date, Baccarin has a net worth of $8 million as estimated by Celebrity Net Worth.

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