Congratulations to Elle King! The 31-year-old singer announced she’s pregnant on Wednesday, marking her first child with her fiancé, tattoo artist Dan Tooker.

The singer shared on Instagram that the pregnancy comes after “two really big losses.”

“Me and @tattooker made a little human!” she wrote. “We are very excited to share the news that we are pregnant. This news comes with a great deal of fear, and I hope that all mothers-to-be, in whatever sense that may be, know that I am trying to be very sensitive. You see, this miracle baby comes after two very big losses. It’s a terrifying and extremely painful experience for everyone. But the sun always rises, and I never really let go to let the universe decide when I was ready.”

King recalled how she felt when others would announce their pregnancies after her own losses.

“I remember every pregnancy announcement felt like a dagger to me,” she shared. “So I want to be very delicate and say to YOU! That soon to be mom, who’s maybe had a loss, or has been struggling with fertility, I’m telling you, our babies come. And I love you. What women go through on this journey make us nothing less than WARRIORS. So thank you for your prayers and love for our high risk pregnancy!”

Meanwhile, Tooker — whom she got engaged to in October after a year of dating — shared on his Instagram Story, “We are pregnant! So excited to be a dad. I love you @elleking.”

In an interview with People, King said she found out she was pregnant on Christmas, and acknowledged that she’s still fearful of losing her pregnancy.

“I’ve experienced loss and to go through that pain of losing two pregnancies, it just feels like life is over, life is done,” she says. “You have to go through this intense and really just unbelievably draining and shocking grieving period. You feel like such a failure. Then when [you get pregnant again], you’re so afraid to enjoy it and be happy because you’re so scared that it’s going to be taken away. Just because I’m having a pregnancy that’s going well now it doesn’t mean that I’m over losing any pregnancy.”

“I’m nervous about having this interview because I have a high-risk pregnancy and I’m just like, what if this comes out and something happens to the baby?” she also says. “Then it’s like I have egg on my face. But it’s like, why is there shame around that? Why can’t you celebrate the beginning of life in this stage? I just have the opportunity to share parts of my life with people out there. Whatever my platform is, I know that I have one. If you’re going to share your f**king life, share f**ing all of it.”

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