Seahawks defensive lineman Rasheem Green tells TMZ Sports he’d have no issues at all if his team signed Colin Kaepernick … saying the quarterback would work well in Seattle.

“That’s not really up to me,” Green told us outside of JLT Performance Gym on Tuesday, “But I feel like he would be a good fit there.”

Kaepernick-to-Seattle rumors have heated up this week … after the former 49ers star threw a bunch of passes to Seahawks star receiver Tyler Lockett in a workout on Monday afternoon.

The two seemed to have a ton of chemistry — and complimented each other’s games on Twitter afterward. And, with head coach Pete Carroll previously having interest in Kaep several years ago, it seems the signal-caller could land in the Pacific Northwest if he were to get another shot in the league.

Green told us he’d welcome that signing … explaining, “He’s a great guy. Like what he stands for.”

“But,” Green added, “it’s not my position to put him on the team.”

Kaepernick has said over and over again he’s still ready to lead a franchise — despite the fact that he hasn’t played since the 2016 season.

As for the Seahawks’ current QB room … Green was clearly down in the dumps about the Russell Wilson trade — though he told us he’s optimistic about Drew Lock‘s potential in 2022.

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