Proud mum of three Christine McGuinness has shared her delight with her fans on social media as she revealed how she was finally able to have a Christmas tree at home to celebrate the festive season.

The 35 year old presenter, who is the ex-wife of comedian Paddy McGuinness, took to Instagram as she opened up about her struggles with having a tree in previous years, due to her children often experiencing a sensory overload from all of the lights, textures and sparkles associated with the traditional decoration.

Alongside a video clip which showed the star decorating a stunning tree in shades of blue, white and silver, Christine wrote: "For 10 years alls I’ve ever wanted for Christmas was to have three happy, calm and content children.

“This year it’s looking like my wish might come true and we have our tree up early.. requested by my children!"

Christine then added: ”For all the years we had no tree because the sensory overload and the changes were too much, for the times we’ve put it up and took it down 24hrs later, when we thought last year having it up for a week was a success but THIS.

Before finally concluding: ”A Christmas tree for the whole of December. WOW my babies you really are incredible with a little bit of time, patience and love, anything is possible.”

All three of Christine’s children were diagnosed with Autism, a condition she herself has been living with – which means they can often experience sensory overload, a condition in which the five sense take in more information than their brain can process.

Typically, this can be triggered by overwhelming lights or sounds.

Christine first revealed her own Autism diagnosis back in November 2021, when she explained that she, alongside Penelope and Leo, nine, and six-year old Felicity were all living with the condition.

In a further blow, Christine was later also diagnosed with ADHD, but hasn’t let either condition hold her or her children back.

In fact, Christine has always been open and honest about her experience of living with both conditions, as well as parenting three neurodivergent children in the hopes of encouraging others out there to do the same and break the stigma surrounding the often misunderstood condition.

Speaking exclusively to OK! earlier this year, the star opened up about her life following her diagnosis.

She said: “ I understand myself a lot more and feel more comfortable. I’m not completely comfortable in my own skin yet, but I’m getting there.”

“ If I go to a restaurant, I’m not afraid to ask for my food to be a little bit plainer, while before I used to feel awkward and difficult about it. Now I’ll just say [what I want] because I want to be able to socialise and eat with everybody – I don’t want autism to hold me back.”

Christine also went on to add how speaking about her condition was now one of her most comfortable topics of conversation as she explained: “When I’m talking about autism it’s almost well-rehearsed now because I’ve done it so many times, and it’s my most comfortable topic. I struggle more in a normal social setting where there is a group of girls just catching up about their day and work and life.

“That’s where I’d be feeling uncomfortable and sit quiet, not sure what to say. I think what most people find OK is what I struggle with.”

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