Carol Vorderman reveals she once confronted a burglar

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Countdown legend Carol Vorderman has recalled a terrifying encounter with burglars in her own home. Speaking on her BBC Radio Wales show today, the mathematician, 61, told how a couple of burglars had broken into the home that she shared with her mother, before attempting to make off with the star’s collection of computers.

And I screamed, let’s say blue murder

Carol Vorderman

Speaking about items she’d collected over the years, the star revealed that she had once collected computers.

She told her co-host Nathan Sussex: “Then I was a TV producer still at Countdown up at Yorkshire television in Leeds which is where we always recorded Countdown.

“For 26 years we recorded Countdown up there.

“So when I wasn’t doing countdown I was being a producer and I produced a show and presented it, for Channel 4 called So We Bought A Computer, which was introducing people to this whole notion of spreadsheets.

“Because previously everything was text, there was no picture on screen or anything,” Carol explained.

She went on: “So I had – my mum and I lived in this little three-bed semi in Headingley – so I had all these computers at home of that type.

“I’m probably talking about 1984, something like that.

“And I had them all around the house,” she said.

Recalling the incident, Carol explained how she encountered the thieves upon returning home from work one day.

The TV star said: “Anyway, I went to work, came back from the studios one day and I went up to the front door,” Carol said before cutting herself off.

“So this was like my collection,” she clarified before continuing.

“We came up to the glass front door with sort of diamond patterned glass and this strange face came to the door – it was a burglar,” she explained.

“No,” her co-host could be heard uttering in disbelief.

“It was a burglar,” reiterated Carol.

She went on: “And I screamed, let’s say blue murder, you never know how you’re going to react do you,” she said.

Carol admitted that while chasing the burglar she called him “all sorts of names”.

She continued: “You know when you’re trying to get the key out and and I could see that he ran – as I opened the front door another one ran down the stairs and I chased them shouting and screaming out the house.

“I chased them out round the back and over the fence and everything,” she revealed.

Speaking about what was taken, Carol said: “Well, they’d got some suitcases that I had and they’d put all the computers in the suitcases but because I’d surprised them they were there in the kitchen.

“So I kept my collection!” Carol exclaimed.

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