Carol Vorderman recalls Judy Finnigan’s wardrobe malfunction

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Speaking on her BBC Radio Wales show today, Carol Vorderman admitted her actions “looked awful”. However, the presenter said it was a totally honest mistake.

It looked awful on camera, as it looked like we were reacting

Carol Vorderman

Judy Finnigan exposed her bra to the audience and everyone watching at home at the NTAs 21 years ago.

The 73-year-old took it all in good humour when her dress came down, while accepting a statuette on stage with her husband Richard Madeley.

Carol was also at the ceremony when it all happened, but says people could have mistaken what she was doing when the camera panned to her.

The 60-year-old was sat with her late Countdown co-host Richard Whiteley, when they missed out the award for another year.

During an interview with Claire Sweeney, Carol explained what happened as she recalled “the great days” the bash was held at the Royal Albert Hall.

“Richard Whiteley and I, Countdown would be nominated for whatever it was, best daytime… and we never won.

“You’d know if you’d won as to where they’d put you in the seating,” she recalled, saying it was always won by Richard and Judy for This Morning.

She quipped she and Richard were put in “losers corner”, “behind Brookside and in front of The Bill”.

Carol stated: “We’d all laugh about it, saying we’ve got three hours of this. Richard and I would crack up.”

Focusing in on the year Judy flashed the nation, revealing her pale lingerie under her black gown.

She went on: “There was this moment when we’re going, ‘Practise losers faces’ and we’re laughing.

“And then of course they announce who the winner is. Once again, This Morning, Richard and Judy.

“And it was the time where she got on the stage and her whole top opened, and her bra was there.”

Carol then said: “It cut to us and we’ve got these stupid faces on, because we couldn’t see what was going on on the stage.

“We’re so far back… It looked awful on camera, as it looked like we were reacting to this [dress mishap].”

Richard and Judy fronted This Morning between 1988 and 2001.

Carol shot to fame on Countdown in 1982, and remained a regular for 26 years.

Judy previously said of what happened that night to The Sun: “I was wearing a halterneck evening dress and had a brand new matching black bra but it didn’t fit properly so I swapped it for a trusty old favourite, a lacy pale pink.

“‘Noone will ever know’ I said to Richard as we changed in our hotel room. They soon did of course.”

Carol Vorderman returns to BBC Radio Wales next Saturday at 11.30am.

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