I'm A Celeb: Matty and Naughty Boy take on 'Gross Vegas'

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I’m A Celeb star from 2016, Martin Roberts, also accused the music producer of “hamming it up for the cameras”, although he clearly appeared terrified during the show’s gruesome trials.

With his mouth wide open in horror, Naughty Boy was forced to endure creepy crawlies all over his body – but Martin had little sympathy in his analysis of events.

Hamming it up for the cameras, don’t you think?

Martin Roberts

The Homes Under the Hammer host questioned on the I’m A Celeb podcast: “Honestly, come on, was that not just a bit of amateur dramatics? All this ‘oooh, oooh’?”

“I honestly don’t think you can be screaming and doing what he was doing when you’ve got worms and maggots on your legs.

“But the rest of it I thought was just a little bit hamming it up for the cameras. Don’t you think?”

Meanwhile host Benjy Potter later added to the growing list of fellow commentators who have lost patience with Naughty Boy.

“This is not a pity party!” he exclaimed on the podcast.

“This is I’m A Celebrity! Get Me Out Of Here [and] we need a villain.

“We need someone to try and break and he won’t break!” he laughed hysterically. “He’s just getting tougher and tougher.”

Others have defended Naughty Boy, who recently considered leaving the show after learning that his mother, who suffers dementia, was becoming distressed.

His family also took to social media to claim overly harsh members of the public had no idea what he was going through behind the scenes.

However, he has also been judged severely for allegedly lying about his age, claiming he was 36 when it has been insisted he is actually 40.

Plus past shows have seen him liable to giving up, or “over-reacting”.

“He’s a bit of an over-reactor,” Benjy argued.

“Some pigeons nested in his dressing room and he knew that was the day he was gonna be on Deal Or No Deal,” he recalled.

While co-host Esme joined in beliefs that Naughty Boy was pleasingly “zany”, Benjy retorted: “I’m more of a Richard Madeley kind of guy”.

Fixed into a contraption on the ground and unable to move his arms or legs, while risking being pelted with rats, snakes and crabs with menacing pincers has been another of the tough tasks Naughty Boy has had to contend with.

Plus he endured nights of extremely uncomfortable sleep until Frankie Bridge pointed out he’d had his hammock positioned incorrectly.

Yet the lack of sympathy continued on social media, with WhiteHartLiz arguing: “The problem with @imacelebrity is that the trials are too easy, which is boring and everyone eats well every night, which is boring [too]. #ImACeleb.”

Plus some Facebook fans seemed to echo Martin Robert’s scepticism when they pointed out that Naughty Boy’s screams could have been for effect.

“He stops screaming when the time stops but the insects and things are still in with him for the rest of the trial,” an eagle-eyed Carl spotted.

Can Naughty Boy endure more or has he reached his limits? Only time will tell.

I’m A Celebrity continues tonight at 9PM on ITV.

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