Laura Hamilton gives update on her mental health

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To mark World Mental Health Day in October, A Place In The Sun presenter Laura Hamilton shared a quote about helping those who are down, which sparked concerns. In a video shortly after, she went on to tell fans that “cr*p” had been going on in her life. The 39-year-old said that while she was mostly seen smiling on camera, this didn’t mean she was always happy and urged people to “be kind”.

In view of her 137,000 followers, she said on her Story: “I just wanted to come on here and post this story this morning because I had a few people contact me yesterday saying, ‘Laura is everything OK?’

“It was World Mental Health day yesterday and like lots of us on social media, I choose to post a lot of the glamorous things in my life.

“Whether I’m travelling abroad to sunny destinations or I’m glammed up for an event, obviously on my social media, I post that.”

The mother-of-two went on to say: “I don’t often post when there’s cr*p going on in my life or I’m busy running a business.

“[Or] I’m running around after children, which I was doing a lot this weekend, but that isn’t to say that there isn’t stuff going on in my life.

“Sometimes I choose not to talk about it to protect the people around me and out of respect.”

In a caption on her post, she wrote: “Behind the smile there can be cr*p too, so be kind.”

Yesterday, the property expert announced she had split from Alex Goward after 13 years together.

The couple married in 2012 and share two children together; Tahlia and Rocco.

An alleged friend of the presenter has since claimed their marriage “reached crisis point” during lockdown after spending more time than usual together.

However, the presenter is yet to confirm whether or not this is true. has contacted a representative for Laura for comment.

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The presenter caught up with during the first lockdown in 2020.

To keep busy, she revealed she had been filming a mini series about life at home with her husband and children.

At the time, she filmed herself attempting to cut her spouse’s hair, but she joked he “got angry” with her after he realised she was filming him in his pants.

She revealed: “I’ve started this thing called Too Much Information, it’s a little series we are going to do.

“I’m going to try and edit a little video of me trying to cut his hair, that’ll be the next one.

“Every once in a while we are going to try and do a video of fun stuff that is going on at home or something around the shop [their coffee shop].

“There are funny things that happen up there. I think that’s what people need is a bit of a laugh, people can see a different side to me.

“I feel like people don’t get to see what our lives are really like, like a lot of people on tele.”

But admitting the couple had already experienced their first blunder in their videos, she joked: “I did start videoing his hair cut and he was in his pants and he went, ‘Put a towel around me!’

“He stopped the video halfway through because he was getting so angry with me.”

A Place In The Sun continues Monday at 3pm on Channel 4.

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