Sure, Jin is sometimes called a “Worldwide Funny Guy” and J-Hope makes people laugh with his dance moves. There are a few BTS performers, however, who fans consider to be the “funniest.” 

That includes Jimin, a singer, dancer, and songwriter for this group. Here’s what we know about BTS’ “Resident Prince Charming.”

His jacket malfunction during BTS’ New Years Eve performance

While appearing on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest for the first time, BTS performed “Make it Right” and “Boy With Luv.” During one dance move, Jimin’s silver jacket got caught on his head and stayed there, causing thousands of fans to tweet about the moment. Even the other BTS members laughed. 

“It was super fun. Jimin was so funny at the end,” Jungkook said, according to a translation from a Bangtan Bomb YouTube video following BTS’ performance. Jimin was next to Jungkook and demonstrated his impromptu dance move for the camera. 

“It wasn’t on purpose,” Jimin said. Jungkook added, “it was so funny [that] I laughed during my part.”

His ‘Yes’ exclamations 

While fishing for answers with The Hollywood Reporter, the BTS members discussed their favorite songs, artists, and everything in between. Some of Jimin’s answers, though, made the other members laugh. When asked what artists they want to collaborate with, Jimin said, “RM.”

When RM asked Jimin to translate his answer about interacting with fans, Jimin just said, “Interact, I interact — yes.”

Jimin wouldn’t be the only BTS member to shout “yes” when they were at a loss for words. While performing on Disney’s Holiday Singalong, the members asked RM to sing, to which the rapper said, “yes.”

Jimin finding out the word ‘lovely’

English might not be his first language, but Jimin can still carry a conversation. During one clip from the Love Yourself Tour in Europe DVD, J-Hope was walking backstage. Right behind him was Jimin, who was shouting his love for the BTS ARMY. 

“Lovely ARMY! You’re so lovely! I’m so lovely! We’re so lovely! Lovely! Lovely! Lovely,” he said.

Jimin ‘Dancing his Feelings’

In 2020, BTS virtually visited The Late Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Aside from a week’s worth of performances, the members also did a few skits and interviews. One of the challenges was to “dance their feelings.” As a trained dancer, some expected this to come easy for Jimin.

His interpretation of being “shy” however, mostly involved hiding his face with his shirt and shaking his butt. He was eliminated shortly after. 

Jimin had a few memorable moments with Fallon. As a host pointed out, the two basically have the same name. The New Yorker didn’t want to pick a favorite, but he does have his own Jimin-related BT21 merch. 

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