Glass nail files don't just look like an upgrade from economy to first class, these nail shaping tools actually don't get dull after a handful of uses.

While you'll be able to shape and file your nails without having to replace your emery board every other DIY manicure, glass files — also known as crystal files — are actually more gentle on nails (especially on natural), so you'll be less prone to experience peeling and splitting while grooming your nails.

"Glass nail files are able to quickly smooth out any rough edges or anything that may be catching in your hair. They are best suited for natural nails since the sanding grit is very fine," says Lexi Suga, nail expert and founder of Notox Nails in Beverly Hills. "If you use it on gel nails or artificial nails, it is possible, but it will take a very very long time and it will also wear out your glass file quickly."

Suga adds that emery boards last about a month depending on how often you use them, and that glass files are extremely easy to keep sterile when being shared (like at a salon for example): simply wash them with soap and water or alcohol, and pat them off.

Since you don't have to replace a glass file as often, you're producing less waste. "Glass nail files are much more sustainable. They are easy to disinfect and can be used for over six months to a year!" Suga explains. "If you are only using it at home on your own nails then you do not need to disinfect it. Just do not share it with others, even your family members."

Ahead, the five best glass and crystal nails files to add to your manicure tool kit if you're convinced to make the switch.

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