In case you weren't aware from the 31,809,904 stories covering it, today is Black Friday, the one day each year that major brands from TK to TK cut shoppers a break via massive sales. Stores like Nordstrom and Ulta typically face a feeding frenzy of people eager to take advantage of slashed prices, which means the goods sell out ASAP. The secret to scoring big, then, is heading straight to brands like Tula's website, where you can grab anti-aging top sellers with slightly less stress. 

We're big fans of the turquoise-suited brand here at InStyle, and based on the reader response to stories on Tula's Firm Up Deep Wrinkle Serum and Eye Renewal Serum, its fan base is thriving. So, what's worth picking up now that the brand's knocked 25 percent off the price of everything? Scroll on for the seven highlights you shouldn't miss. 

Wrinkle Treatment Drops Retinol Alternative Serum

Shop now: $51 (Originally $68);

Retinol alternatives were greeted with healthy skepticism by vocal members of the beauty community, but after trialling Tula's bakuchiol, squalane, prebiotics and antioxidant mix, shoppers on the brand's website turn converts thanks to the "unbelievable" results within weeks. "My forehead wrinkles are pretty deep — I have '11s' and my smile lines needed some help," wrote one reviewer. "Combined with the Deep Wrinkle Serum, this makes my face so smooth. Top it off with the firming and hydrating moisturizer, [and] my skin glows and looks at least 10 years younger." 

Beauty Sleep Overnight Repair Treatment

Shop now: $48 (Originally $64);

Tula describes this push-top jar as its "most potent treatment," stemming from its mix of anti-aging alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin C, probiotic extracts, green tea extract, and Indian gentian. Not familiar with that last one? The Ayurvedic ingredient is shown to improve skin hydration, dermal density, wrinkling, and sagging "significantly," according to a 2015 clinical study — and reviewers write that after using the treatment for one night, they noticed markedly smoother skin. Flash forward a couple of weeks, and fine lines fade in lieu of softer, more bouncy skin.   

Firm Up Deep Wrinkle Serum

Shop now: $59 (Originally $78);

A serum specifically targeting deep creases? Color us intrigued, particularly because the formula touts line-fading, non-irritating bakuchiol, collagen-building peptides, and prebiotic and probiotic extracts to help maintain your optimal skin barrier (read: back, free radicals, BACK!!). "I wasn't looking for a miracle cream, but that was what I got," wrote one customer of their results. "My deep wrinkles are softer and less noticeable." According to others, the serum doesn't waste any time getting to work: People note tighter skin and less visible wrinkles within two weeks, if not a matter of days. "I seriously had no idea how effective this product could be," said another fan. "After using this product [for] just a few days, I noticed my skin was incredibly smoother and plumper — my wrinkles had just smoothed away."

Revive & Rewind Revitalizing Eye Cream

Shop now: $39 (Originally $52);

When we reported that Megan Fox's beauty secret is simply grapeseed oil, TikTok erupted. Tula's Revitalizing Eye Cream likewise features the ingredient, alongside squalane, shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamin C, peptides, and ceramides, so it's essentially a skincare greatest hits list. The results attest to the formula's masterclass: "This eye cream is satiny soft and glides on like butter," wrote one user. "My puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles are much improved. I couldn't be more impressed with this product." 

Brightening Treatment Drops Triple Vitamin C Serum

Shop now: $36 (Originally $48);

This vitamin C serum sees your basic one-note formula, and multiplies the power by three. Dull skin and dark spots scatter due to three different forms of the brightening vitamin, especially a unique iteration that keeps its power through the day — and continuously reactivates to fend off aging free radicals. Probiotic extracts, meanwhile, help bump up your skin barrier's defense, and lactic acid gently sloughs off dead cells. "Amazing. In just a week, I'm already seeing a huge difference in my skin," wrote a customer. "My skin is noticeably more clear, even toned, and fine lines are subsiding." 

Glow & Get It Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm

Shop now: $21 (Originally $28);

If you're looking for something with truly instant results, Tula's hyaluronic acid-infused eye balm is your answer. "Working the night shift in health care leaves my eyes puffy, with fine lines and wrinkles showing every morning," said one reviewer. "[This] leaves a simple glow for a fresh look of youth, and the cooling effect revives my tired eyes." Others write that it makes finals-induced dark circles vanish and bags become "hardly noticeable," even for sleep-starved parents. "This is honestly the best skin care product I have ever purchased," added a last person. "The testimonies are all true — this eye balm is a miracle worker." 

Filter Primer Blurring & Moisturizing Primer

Shop now: $27 (Originally $36);

Whenever something promises to replicate the effect of social media filters, it's easy to get a little suspicious (to say nothing of what those digitized ideals are doing to our self image). Yet according to people seeking a little extra oomph for their complexion, the primer does blur out fine wrinkles and even their skin tone while moisturizing, so you can use it as a pre-foundation base or all on its own. "I love this primer — it sets well and I have to use minimal coverage with it," said a 40-year-old with fine lines and texture concerns. Its effect on redness is also excellent, and more people write that their uneven skin tone and scars vanished on contact.  

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