Cate Blanchett has some of the best skin in the biz. And lucky for us, she recently opened up about her skincare routine to Gritty Pritty. Her secret? SK-II. “I think there’s a sense of cynicism around people’s association with certain products. Initially, when I signed on with SK-II, some people would ask me, “But you don’t use it, do you?” and I would honestly respond, “Yes, I do actually”.” She continued, “I understand that cynicism but if I’m honest, it’s been a very organic relationship because the brand was only interested in talking to me because they knew I already used it.”

Sharing her favourite SK-II products, the Blue Jasmine actor revealed she uses SK-II LXP Facial Treatment Essence every morning and night. “When I’m on set, because there’s often no time to reapply foundation before a close up, my makeup artist Morag Ross – who is a very, very dear friend of mine – would put it into a spray bottle for me and spray it over the top of my makeup. It would refresh my makeup because it was refreshing my skin underneath and I still do that now day-to-day.”

Cate Blanchett swears by face masks for radiant skin

Cate Blanchett also a huge fan of SK-II Facial Treatment Masks. “The masks are so hydrating and perfect for travel,” she told Gritty Pritty. “But, before a red carpet event, I’ll use SK-II Whitening Source Derm-Revival Masks instead. That’s the thing that has been so amazing for me and I believe it to be quite unique to the brand. It just gives your skin that extra bit of radiance.” 

Beyond using SK-II products to get her famous glow, Cate is true believer in a good night’s sleep and de-stressing! “You know when someone has a migraine or a headache and they haven’t done anything to their face, but their whole face constricts? I think that anything you can do to remove stress will give you a better glow,” she told Byrdie. Oh, and exfoliating. “Look at men in their 40s and then look at women in their 40s — for men, their skin looks really good because they shave every day. So I exfoliate,” she added.

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