When it comes to my skin, the difference five months can make never ceases to shock me.  While my summer skin is glowing, healthy, and radiant, my winter skin is dull, lackluster, and drab. I'm sure I'm not alone in hitting the pan on several bronzers, trying to bring back the tan of ghosts past — and hardly coming close. But when I tried facial tanning drops for the first time recently, glowing skin suddenly didn't seem so farfetched; I could fake my summer radiance in February.

I may be late in discovering facial tanning drops, but for those that have yet to try them out, I recommend grabbing a bottle of the St. Moriz Radiant Glow Tan Boosting Facial Serum. I mix a few drops of the serum in with my daily moisturizer, and hours later I have a natural looking color that's comparable to a day spent in the sun. And unlike most face tanners I've used in the past, these dermatologist-tested drops don't break out my sensitive, acne-prone skin. The formula is clean, vegan, and non-toxic. 

The color intensity can be adjusted by the number of drops you add, but since it is a highly concentrated pigment, I'd advise starting off with two drops and gradually building from there. The brand recommends applying the mixture in circular motions across your face and down your neck to evenly distribute the product and avoid any streaks — in my experience I've found it's fool-proof and easy to use. 

St. Moriz Radiant Glow Tan Boosting Facial Serum

Shop now: $19; ulta.com

But since one person's opinion isn't always enough, it's worth noting that the Radiant Glow Tan Boosting Facial Serum has also won over Ulta reviewers who say it gives a "sun-kissed glow" without appearing orange. 

"I've tried several brands of drops similar to these, most of them being much more expensive," wrote one shopper. "These definitely work just as good, if not better. Three drops mixed with moisturizer is the perfect amount for a nice tan. Also, this didn't make my skin break out, feel greasy, or smell bad at all!"

"I'm a self tanning expert and normally NEVER tan my face because of the breakouts and how splotchy it becomes," said another. "Even in the summer months my body tans very deeply, and my face never tans. I've tried so many things. A few drops of this in your moisturizer a few times a week keeps you looking tan and glowy! Worth the price and will be buying again!"

Consider adding these tanning drops to your regimen this winter — they're available for just $19 on Ulta. Pair the drops with the St. Moriz Instant Self-Tanning Mousse for the ultimate full-body glow. 

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