The impending warm weather comes with a lot of endearing moments. Chilled rosé by the pool. Barbeques in the backyard. Picnics in the park. Wearing a flowy dress and espadrilles while you shop at your local farmer's market. Colorful flowers outside of your neighborhood bodega. Swimwear selfies in your favorite mirror. Ahhhh. I can't wait. But it also comes with a handful of "ugh"-inducing moments. Increased temps and increased humidity can wreak havoc on skin, especially when it comes to sebum production. Can we get a big "ughhhhhh!"

But that's where Courteney Cox comes into the picture. The Friends actress recently shared her five-minute makeup routine on Instragram that consisted of classics like the Tom Ford eye pencil in Metallic Mist, a Shiseido eyelash curler (that's also my favorite), and a Marc Jacobs mascara, but the standout product she reached for made an appearance toward the end of the five-minute-long clip. "This is important," Cox said prior to flashing a pack of the Palladio rice paper toward the camera, "because I'm so shiny, always."

A quick Google search of the Palladio rice papers shows they've earned more than 1,000 five-star ratings and hundreds of reviews from Amazon shoppers who've enthroned them as the "best blotting papers ever!" We know, we've heard this praise used for a lot of different oil-blotting products, but based on these testimonials — and the fact that several shoppers have used them for 10, 20, and even 30 years — the Palladio rice papers might actually be the best oil-control secret ever.

Palladio Rice Paper Facial Tissues for Oily Skin

Shop now: $27 for a six-pack;

The 2-in-1 facial tissues are made from natural rice paper known for its oil-absorbing properties. A quick blot blot with one side of the sheet and all excess oil will disappear (just look at Cox's tissue once she's finished using it), while the other side contains translucent powder that can be used for touching up your makeup post-blotting.

"I think these are the best blotting papers out there on the market … Not only do they remove all the oil from your face, they also put a thin layer of oil controlling powder on your face," wrote one Amazon shopper. "I hate looking like I caked on powder and this stuff is great."

Another reviewer is so enthralled by the Palladio rice papers that they would leave 10 stars if they could. "Other oil blotting sheets make your face blotchy and all gross after but NOT THIS ONE!!" they wrote. "After you blot, it looks like you just powdered again without powdering again. It's a beautiful matte finish … I would give them 10 stars if I could."

No amount of oil is too much for these rice papers. In fact, one shopper claims to have "so much oil, you could use [it] to fry food," and one sheet of the Palladio blotter still gets the job done. 

Shop a six-pack for $27 on Amazon (note: one pack contains 40 sheets, which means each sheet goes for about 11 cents apiece.)

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