GRAB your friends and stay at an amazing mini theme park, which includes a huge four-storey slide.

Also at the property is a private swimming pool and cabana, as well as a tennis and basketball court.

Red Sands Ranch River Resort in Texas has a private airstrip so you can arrive with up to 36 friends in style without having to travel there by road

On-site is a 53inch pool with open-air cabanas, and a full kitchen and sound system.

In the winter, the swimming pool is heated and the cabana becomes a closed room to stay warm.

One of the highlights of the property if the 140' four-storey waterslide which goes straight into the swimming pool.

"The Shack" party shed has games consoles and table tennis while outside is a full sized basketball and tennis court.

Up to 37 people can stay on-site with seven different properties.

These range from four-person cabins to an eight-person cottage and a converted vintage airstream.

You can hire kayaks, boats and bikes, and even golf buggies.

Prices range from £1,327 for the three cabins, working out to £110 each, per night, up to £1,706 for all seven cabins.

Sadly it is in Texas, so is off the cards for now due to the US border closure and UK lockdown.

You can add it to your bucket list however, for your future holiday.

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