A young entrepreneur who swapped her UK office job for a Brazilian beach now runs her own £28k-a-month business.

The brave move also resulted in her finding the love of her life in the process.

Georgia Austin says she didn’t have a clue how to launch her career after leaving university. Instead she spent some time working as a lettings negotiator, a PA and a copywriter for Sweaty Betty.

The 23-year-old, from Buckinghamshire, also freelanced offering LinkedIn outreach for brands based in America.

But Brazil very much had a place in Georgia’s heart – having fallen in love with it while she was researching her dissertation.

So in December 2019, she decided to go it alone and establish herself in Rio de Janeiro.

Georgia said: ‘I knew if I was going to go freelance, I should do it in a place where it’s sunny and warm, I had friends and I could keep learning a new language.

‘Rio couldn’t be more perfect.

‘Everyone was very supportive and happy for me – although my mum did wonder whether I would ever come home.

‘So, I handed in my notice at work and applied for a visa, which took a couple of months and arrived 10 days before my flight. It was all quite last minute.’

Georgia touched down in Rio on February 6 2020 – just when people were starting to talk about Covid.

But street parties and parades were still very much running and, at one carnival party, Georgia met her now-husband Felippe Lavogade.

She added: ‘Neither of us wanted to go to that party – we’d both wanted to be at different ones – but we’d been persuaded by our friends.’

The pair hit it off and by April 2020 they had moved into a shared house together – just as lockdown hit.

During this time, Georgia threw herself into her work, making a profile on Fiverr – a marketplace for freelancers – and was kept busy creating website content for brands.

This was when she realised her talent for not only content creation, but also networking.

Her entrepreneurial instincts soon led her to launch her own copywriting agency, Wizard of Content, in February 2021.

Now, she has 10 employees working for her and turns over £28,000 a month – and hopes to make her first million by the end of the year.

She said: ‘As a freelancer, I wanted to support other people working for themselves and now employ people from all over the world – from the US to the UK and the Philippines.

‘I just constantly find myself needing to hire more people and the business is growing and growing.

‘I have writers working for me full-time, but others who do a couple of pieces a week.’

But it’s not just her work life that’s been busy. 

Georgia married Felippe on May 13 in a small private ceremony, and the pair are now settled in a beach-front apartment.

She said: ‘Felippe has only been able to meet my family over FaceTime.

‘We married just with me and him and two witnesses – but we’re saving our big celebration for when everyone can travel again.

‘We’re planning for it to be in November next year either in Brazil or the UK and hopefully we’ll have more of my business growth to celebrate by then too.’

Georgia is now looking ahead to the future, but is proud of how far she’s come.

She said: ‘I’m as surprised as anyone by how well it’s all worked out. There have been stressful days, but it’s all been worth it in the end.

‘I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and it’s felt natural every step of the way.

‘I’m looking forward to seeing the agency grow. I want to see my business explode.’

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