A PASSENGER was hilariously caught on camera showing exactly why you should always wear trainers when going to the airport.

Wearing the wrong shoes can easily get you held up at airport security – with plenty of experts advising against wearing anything that could be difficult to take off.

Lisa Farbstein, spokesperson for the American Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has previously explained the type of footwear passengers should wear ahead of security checks.

She told travel magazine AFAR: "Wear something you can easily slip off and on."

However, passenger Laci Wells found that out the hard way as she had to yank some footwear from her friend's feet.

The friend in question was wearing a pair of high-heeled boots that proved very difficult to remove at the airport scanners.

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Laci was filmed grabbing her friend's heels and pulling as hard as she could to help her remove them.

The video was shared by the TSA via their Instagram account, who again advised passengers to wear shoes that could be easily slipped off.

They wrote: "Wear shoes that are easy to remove, avoid clothes with a high metal content, and put heavy jewellery on after you’ve completed screening."

People were stunned by the footage, with one saying: "People like this should be put on the no fly list."

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Another recommended: "Crocs are the best traveling shoe, just saying."

However, a third person was alarmed by something else in the video, commenting: "Why isn’t she wearing socks with those boots???"

Other experts have previously warned against being barefoot at airports, with security considered to be the dirtiest part of the airport.

Rami Calis, DPM, a podiatry instructor at Atlanta's Emory University, told WebMD: "The floor is often dirty where all those people walk through security. And it doesn't get any sun."

“I haven't taken any samples from these areas, but if we do I bet we'll find 101 different things."

Rami recommends leaving your socks on if asked to remove your shoes and to always pack a spare pair of socks if you are wearing sandals.

Podiatrist Ebonie Vincent also warned against getting your toes out while travelling.

She told the Washington Post: "You could pick up fungus, not to mention the millions of germs and bacteria that you could transfer to carpets, inside hotel rooms or homes and cars, which serves as a danger to other people."

TikToker Nicole Jaques (@itsnicolejaques) revealed her best tips for being in the airport, and said: "Wear socks through security. It's the dirtiest part of the airport."

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