DON'T worry about losing all of your things next time you go on holiday, as a frequent traveller has revealed how to avoid this.

Sharing the clever trick on Reddit, they explain how you won't end up without your clothes and toiletries even if your suitcase goes rogue.

They said: "If you're travelling by plane with another person, split your clothes and put half of each persons clothes into each suitcase.

"That way if one suitcase is lost en route, you both still have clothing, rather than one person being left with nothing to wear."

"This is literally something completely free that you and your partner/friend/someone else you live with could do so neither of you would end up with no clothes or just one change of clothes you put in your hand luggage/carry on.

"It would save buying new clothes in a country you may not be familiar with which may also be financially inconvenient. Carry on luggage is also often made to go in the hold so that argument is not valid.

"Yes I am aware that luggage going missing is rare but it happens. I have worked at an airport and know people who work at an airport. It happens enough to warrant putting a system in place so that you don't end up without clothes.

The original poster said it even works if you are travelling with a partner who is a different size.

They added: "I do this with my SO who is a different sex and a different size to me, the idea being we still wear our own clothes when we're at our destination, just dividing them between cases during travelling in case one case goes missing."

Many shared their horror stories of losing their luggage.

One person wrote: "Mine and my brothers luggage got left in Dallas when we flew HALF WAY ACROSS THE F****** PLANET. It sucked.

"We waited 3 days with two changes of clothes. We had to do laundry every night."

Another person said: "My friend and her mom went to Italy. The luggage got lost or on a different plane. Her now ex husband gets a call from the bank about fraud when she uses her card to try to buy stuff and cancels her card.

"So she was in Italy with little resources and for a couple days, just the clothes on her back. She said they had to wash out their undies in the sink and let them dry for morning for a couple of days."

One person said it was something she did herself: "As someone who has worked for an airline for 25 years I have always split my family’s clothes across all the cases as it happens far more than not people would imagine.

"Even a 24 hr delay I’m receiving your case on holiday can make the difference between changing you underwear or not!"

Many others said they often have a spare change of clothes in their carry on bag, just in case.

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