From ‘Gate Lice’ to the ‘View Killer’: Travel expert names the most annoying types of plane passenger – so which one do YOU hate the most?

  • The passenger types are named and shamed by Nicky Kelvin
  • Nicky is the head of travel site The Points Guy UK 
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Have you ever heard of ‘Gate Lice’ or a ‘Food Interrupter’?

Probably not, but you’ve almost certainly shared an aircraft cabin with them at some point.

They are two of the many types of annoying plane passenger that travel expert Nicky Kelvin, head of The Points Guy UK, names and shames in a series of videos. Scroll down for the full list – and for some mid-flight etiquette rules for making that next flight all the more pleasant.

Gate Lice – passengers who get in line to board the plane, when it’s not their boarding group, and cause chaos.

The Window Blinder – the person who refuses to close the blind while everyone is trying to sleep.

The Food Interrupter – the passenger who takes a bathroom break whilst the crew are trying to transport the food and drink cart.

The Armrest Dweller – the person behind you who puts their foot on your armrest when trying to sleep.

The Luggage Cheater – passengers who leave their carry-on luggage in the overhead lockers at the front of the plane, even though they’re sitting elsewhere, to avoid having to carry it.

The Seat Switcher – if a passenger has paid for extra legroom or a window seat, they may not want to be asked to swap with a passenger in a regular seat.

The Human Barricade – passengers who line up and block the luggage carousel.

The View Killer – the passenger who sits in the window seat and closes the blind so no one can appreciate the views.

Travel expert Nicky Kelvin, head of The Points Guy UK, names and shames annoying passengers

The Headrest Grabber – when passengers use the seat in front as support to stand up, disturbing the person in front.

The Early Riser – eager passengers who immediately get up when the plane lands, when they have nowhere to go!

Armrest Warriors – no matter what side of the armrest you’re on, always remember to be courteous to the people around you. Experts agree the middle passenger should have both as this is considered the ‘worst’ seat.

Some golden etiquette rules…

Keep your socks on – however comfy it may be, other passengers may not want to see/smell your feet!

Always use headphones – out of respect for everyone else on board the flight, play your movies or music using headphones.

Stand to let people out of the row – rather than staying seated and having other passengers climb over you.

Don’t recline your seat during mealtimes – it makes it more difficult for the person behind you to eat comfortably due to lack of space.

To watch Nicky’s TikTok videos about annoying passengers and plane etiquette click here, here and here. For more information on travel tips and tricks, sign up to The Points Guy UK.

Window Blinders are those who leave the blinds open when everyone is trying to sleep, says Nicky. Meanwhile, in a video about plane etiquette (right), Nicky implores passengers to use their headphones while on board 

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