A TRAVEL expert who plans events for celebrities has revealed two cheap items he never leaves behind.

David Landgraf has worked with people as high profile as Michelle Obama and Novak Djokovic and travels a lot for his job.

As a risk management expert with an eye for detail, David always comes prepared for his trips.

The first item he always brings is an Apple AirFly bluetooth transmitter.

This enables him to use his bluetooth headphones with aeroplane entertainment systems.

He said he does this because they offer better quality sound than the headphones provided by the airlines.

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He told NDTV: "One thing that I really, really, really love is the AirFly from Apple. You plug it into the television so you can use your Bluetooth headsets.

"It reduces the need to rely on the low-quality headphones airlines distribute on planes because you can use your own Bluetooth device."

The transmitters cost around £60 brand new on Amazon, although second hand ones are available on eBay for half that.

Cheaper alternatives can be bought for less than £13 on Amazon, with the Isobel receiver among the most popular.

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The adaptor boasts 10 hours of battery life when in use, but can take only takes one hour to fully charge.

It also works as a receiver to allow non-Bluetooth devices to stream audio from phones or other Bluetooth devices.

Out of more than 1,800 reviews on Amazon, the Isobel transmitter has an overall rating of 3.9/5, with 72 per cent of reviewers rating it either four or five stars.

One user said: "Nifty compact and practical device. Well packaged and presented, also setup is a breeze and connects seamlessly."

As well as his AirFly, David also packs double-sealed bags, to make sure his toiletries don't leak and his electronics don't get damaged.

He continued: "It's funny because everyone laughs at me, but I literally carry double-sealed plastic bags on my trips. Bath products in one. Electronic cords in another. If anything spills or bursts, everything is protected."

A pack of 10 double' zipped 'grip ‘n' seal' storage bags can be found on Amazon from £6.99.

They have an overall rating of 4.5/5, with one person writing: "They are strong and can be used multiple times, making them a good buy."

Flight attendants also provide travellers with great tips for what they should and shouldn't bring on their trips abroad.

One cabin crew-member recommends taking a bag filled with medical essentials to keep you fit and well on your travels.

They wrote on Reddit: "Be sure to get a big Ziploc bag and make a mini pharmacy for yourself.

"There is nothing worse than feeling under the weather when you’re in the middle of a trip or at the airport and subjected to pay £18.60 for an eight-pack of cold pills.

"I keep my 'mini pharmacy' stocked with decongestant spray, Sudafed (the one that you get from the pharmacist works wonders for congestion or feeling clogged in flight), […] allergy eye drops, allergy medicine, and basically anything else that you know that you’d want with you if you’re prone to something."

Meanwhile, this flight attendant always packs the same three items when she goes away.

And here is how to fit two weeks worth of clothes into carry-on luggage.

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