FOR some reason, people really struggle with personal space when it comes to being on a plane.

I get that you need to be comfortable, but you also need to remember where you are and that there's other people around you.

Of all the inconsiderate things people do when they're on my flights, typically it's the behaviour concerning their feet that is most egregious.

In this week's blog post for Sun Online Travel, I'll explain where your feet should be, what should be on them and why it's important to never expose them, no matter how comfortable an option it may seem.

One of the main foot problems is barefeet squished between occupied passenger seats onto the armrest from behind..

More often than not children will do this – BECAUSE it is childish behaviour and, if you're not a child, you should never do this.

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Your boarding card tells you a number and a letter, this will be the reserved seat that you have paid for.

Your feet, which are attached to your body, should do their best to reside within this space and stay far away from anyone else.

If you do insist on stretching out, please make sure your feet are covered up.

I can't understand why you'd wait until you're in a confined space in close proximity with others, to get out the toe separators and go to town with cutting, painting, airing out your feet?

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Filing nails down really is a worst offender for me as well.

Just think about all the dirt and grime you may have had contact with in the airport that you are know making airborne as you file it away into the recycled air.

Yet it's such a common thing that people do and it really isn't acceptable in any way.

We know you've not just come from a spa treatment, making your feet squeaky clean, it's much more likely they've built up a right clammy musk walking through the terminal. Keep them locked away.

It's not just for other people's benefits, it's for your own as well.

The risks of bacterial infections from being barefoot on a flight is actually quite high and something you could end up having to see your GP about.

At a minimum I would say at least thick socks should be worn on a flight, its the minimum amount of protection I'd hope to see when taking into account how many bacteria or critters could be nesting in that plane carpet and interior from all over the globe.

Yet some people don't even think about putting anything on their feet even when they go to the toilet.

I'll say this as simply as I can – going barefoot in the toilet is horrendous and disgusting.

I've seen it in every cabin, including first class and I almost certainly will see it again.

The sights i have seen on the floors of plane toilets are sadly emblazoned in my mind and seeing someone not take the one minute task of putting some socks on to go to the loo seems utterly ludicrous to me.

It's vile in there, you need to be wearing at least something, preferably several layers, to protect yourself from those horrors.

Going barefoot is also quite dangerous on planes and it sometimes makes our jobs much more difficult.

For instance, we have to provide an imminent response to incidents like when someone has no foot protection on and has stepped on broken glass or sharp plastic, which has happened on quite a few of my flights, much more than you'd expect.

We have to intervene to remove the debris and bandage up the foot, giving it the protection you decided it didn't need in the first place.

This will also make your onward journey a lot less seamless if it's a deep enough wound.

Also, if you're stretching your feet out into the aisle and we're pushing a trolley through, you're going to end up getting run over – and that's your fault, not ours.

You know trolleys are pushed through there and if one of them comes into contact with your feet, you'll definitely know all about it.

So, in the interests of your safety, your well being and everyone else's comfort, keep your socks on and your feet to yourself, whenever you're in a plane cabin.

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