THEME park visitors have been told which clothes they should never wear when going on their favourite rides.

Everyone likes to look their best on a day out, but your choice of clothes can hamper your enjoyment, especially when going to a fairground.

Luckily, the biggest theme park in Wales, Oakwood, has put together a list of clothing items that guests should avoid, to make sure they're able to make the most of their visit.

First on their list of things to avoid is slip on shoes or flip flops.

They may be very comfortable, particularly on warm summer days, but they're a hazard for people who plan to go on rides.

In a blog post, Oakwood said: "Don’t wear slip-on shoes or sandals that are likely to fall off your feet on faster thrill rides (believe us, it happens more than you think).

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"Instead, wear lace-up shoes or trainers that will stay firmly on your feet no matter how fast you’re travelling."

The theme park also explained that guests will be "putting in some steps and standing for long periods" so suggested "comfort over style" should be the motto when it comes to footwear.

Away from the feet, hassle-free practical clothing was recommended, in particular avoiding clothes that could get in your way.

Oakwood continued: "Floaty skirts and dresses, for instance, are bound to annoy you as you’re stepping on and off rides."

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As well as dressing practically, theme park guests should always dress appropriately too.

TikToker Tori Cannella found that out the hard way when she went to Disney World earlier this year, in a pair of denim shorts and a long-sleeved crop top.

As she tried to get entry to the park, Tori was told her top violated their dress code and was sent away with a voucher to buy something else.

In a viral video, the 23-year-old wrote: "So yeah, just experienced getting dress-coded at Disney."

She captioned the clip: "I mean, I kinda agree w them looking back at this video."

Tori's video, and others like it, sparked a trend of people wearing skimpy clothes to try and get free merchandise from the Disney shops.

However, the park got wise to the tactic and instead told people they'd have to buy a t-shirt themselves, rather than hand out free vouchers.

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