A SECURITY expert has revealed the tell-tale signs that your hotel room could be broken into.

Even more chilling, video footage shows how it can be done within just seconds – using only a 'do not disturb' sign.

In a video shared on YouTube, the man revealed some of the tell-tale signs that someone could easily gain access to your hotel room without needing a keycard.

YouTube user LockPickingLawyer warned guests to look out for issues such "locks installed backwards or upside down", so they can alert the hotel about the potential risk to their personal belongings.

Other things that could cause problems are "incorrect strike plates", which are what go on the inside of the door frame surrounding the latch.

If these are not fitted correctly, the door could easily be opened.

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"Improper spacing" is another issue which he revealed in his video when attempting to break into the room he was staying in at the time.

He said in the video, while staying at the Marriott hotel, he noticed the "double doors were installed improperly and were too far apart and the dead latch switch didn't full engage".

He grabbed the handle of the door to show it had been locked and he could not open it.

He then grabbed the Do Not Disturb sign on the door, before pushing it in between the the large gap between the door and the frame.

While using the plastic sign and holding the handle, he managed to break the locking mechanism to get into the room in just seconds, without needing a keycard.

The YouTube user said he told the hotel about the issue and hoped it would be fixed to improve the safety of other guests staying in the room.

Some users were shocked by how easy it was to gain access.

One said: "Shocking how anyone could install things like that. Rather scary actually."

Another remarked: "Crikey!! If I went to a hotel and saw a door like that I certainly wouldn't be staying in that room!!"

The LockPickingLawyer often reveals how easy is it to break locks,

Another video showed guests how to get into a hotel room safe by using the 999999 safety mechanism.

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This is often used by hotel staff to get into a safe for security reasons but can easily be used by opportunists if they know the code.

By inputting the code and clicking the lock button, the safe will spring open without needing the PIN.

Other secrets of the hotel industry have been revealed by Sun Online Travel.

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