A MODERN hotel bathroom design is causing problems for guests, who are not happy about the increasingly popular configuration.

"Numerous" complaints have been registered regarding the modern style, which is seen as both dangerous and frustrating by those who have to deal with it.

In recent years, a new trend has been seen in hotel bathrooms, with shower doors being removed and replaced with "crittal screens".

These screens often constitute big panes of glass and an opening, but bizarrely no door.

This leaves the rest of the room susceptible to the shower's spray and often results in it getting a good drenching.

According to CN Traveler, complaints come from guests who are annoyed by having to deal with a soggy bathroom after showers, and those who are "of a certain age" who find it dangerous.

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It also limits privacy for users, who don't like to be exposed while showering.

Douglas DeBoer, the founder and CEO of Rebel Design Group, told CN: “Complaints are numerous, mainly from the US.

"Guests do not like the open bathroom concept, because it lacks privacy – especially with toilets or when showering, making hotel bathrooms a one-person-at-a-time use.”

Tom Parker, director of boutique hospitality design firm Fettle, told the publication that the design is a space-saving method.

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He said: “It’s about the swing of the shower door, because it has to open outward for safety reasons.

"You have to figure out where the door swing’s going to go, make sure it’s not [hitting] the main door. It’s just about clearances.”

Other people suggest that shower curtains also put people off because of how dirty they can be and that no door is seen as a much more hygienic option.

It's not just shower doors that are missing in some hotels either, with some people unhappy about the lack of proper shower walls.

Glass bathroom cubicles are becoming more and more common in hotel rooms now, even though everybody seems to hate them.

Comedian Chris Parker made fun of the subject in a video on his Instagram (@chrisparker11), in which he suggested no couple could survive a stay in a hotel with such a feature.

One person commented on the video saying they had stayed in a hotel with "a frosted glass door that didn’t fully extend to the floor or ceiling when she and a friend "had food poisoning in Vietnam".

She added: "We would play Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ to cover the sounds from the bathroom."

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Meanwhile, this woman said she didn't want to use the toilet in her hotel because of a very strange design.

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