IF you are looking for a bargain beach holiday this year, there is a destination that may have never been on your radar.

With cheap flights and even cheaper drinks, here's why you should be booking a holiday on the Albanian Riviera this summer.

Why the Albanian Riviera?

The coastline, dubbed the Albanian Riviera, is just a few hours from the UK.

It stretches from Vlorë in the north to Ksamil in the south.

The summer months are the best time to visit, with May to September being the warmest with highs of 28C.

Flights are quicker than the Canaries too – it takes just three hours to get to Vlorë or Ksamil from the UK.

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Bookings to Albania are up 96 per cent compared to 2019, according to Skyscanner, and this is expected to continue to rise.

It is also super cheap when you are out there – a glass of wine will set you back £1.70 and pints cost just £1.10.

What are the best Albanian Riviera holiday deals?

Not many of the UK tour operators offer holiday packages due to it still being a relatively unknown destination for Brits.

However, direct flights with Wizz Air are cheap, starting from just £55, although British Airways also fly limited direct flights.

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Rooms can be found for less than £20 a night.

For example, a stay at A&D apartments in Dhërmi starts from just £18, while similar apartment prices are around £20 in Ksamil and Durres.

If you want hotels, those are still pretty cheap compared to other beach destinations.

You can find 5* hotels for as little as £59 a night.

This includes the 5* Yacht Hotel near Vlorë, while the 5* Royal G Hotel & Spa Hotel starts from £69.

What is the Albanian Riviera like?

Most of the Albanian beaches are wide and sandy so you have your pick of where to go.

The most northern part of the Riviera is Vlorë, where most people will visit before heading down the coast although it does have it's own beaches.

Further south of the coastline is Dhërmi – it's one of the largest and most famous beaches, so you won't struggle to find a spot.

And in the southern part of the Riviera is Ksamil, which is close to the Greek border.

There are also three small islands that people swim or get the boat too which are quieter than the main strip.

The region is gaining popularity after being dubbed the Maldives of Europe thanks to some of it's overwater hotel rooms while others have said it's like "Greece on a budget".

While lots of the beaches are privately owned, most of the loungers and umbrellas only cost a few euros for the entire day.

What else do I need to know about the Albanian Riviera?

The main language is Albanian and while younger locals may know English, the older population is less likely to.

Some locals will also known Greek and Italian due to it's proximity to both countries.

The local currency is Albanian LEK but euros are accepted in most places like hotels and restaurants.

There are currently no Covid restrictions and Brits can stay in the Albanian Riviera for up to 90 days within a six-month period without a visa.

However, your passport must have at least three months left on it on arrival.

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According to the UK Foreign Office, around 120,000 Brits visit the country a year, and most are trouble-free so is considered a safe holiday destination.

Sun Online Travel recently travelled the Albanian Riviera – here is what you can expect from a trip there.

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