A HUGE building complex dubbed a "dystopian palace" has become a popular tourist attraction – and it's just two hours from the UK.

The surreal building was even used to film a very famous Hollywood blockbuster.

Les Espaces d'Abraxas was built as a high-density social housing complex, just outside Paris.

Designed in 1978, it was created due to a lack of housing in Paris following WWII, and built as part of a scheme to create new towns outside the city.

Les Espaces d'Abraxas was created by Spanish architect Richardo Bofill, who died last year following Covid complications.

It opened in 1982, with nearly 500 flats inside as well as a curved grass plaza in the middle and designed to look like the Roman Forums.

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The postmodern building is made up of three sections – The Palace, The Theatre and The Arch.

However, over the years it became run down, with it even put forward for demolition back in the 2010s.

But it has since become a popular tourist attraction, after it was used in a very famous film.

The exterior was used in the 2015 Hunger Games film, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2.

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It is made up of three sections – The Palace, The Theatre and The ArchCredit: Alamy

The scene showing the rebels being caught in a courtyard which fills up with black sludge was filmed there.

TikTok user Reeves Connelly revealed the filming location, with people in awe of the real destination.

One person commented: "I was at the Palace D’Abraxas right after they filmed!

"Got some pics of the Mockingjay symbol being washed off the walls.

Another wrote: "I was there last Saturday and I was so impressed. Crazy to think people just live there."

It's not just the Hunger Games that was filmed there.

The 1985 film Brazil, featuring Robert di Niro and Jonathon Pryce was also filmed there.

On TripAdvisor, one person wrote: "The place is surreal and very fascinating.

"I suggest a visit to architecture lovers and sci-fi movie lovers.

However, people warn tourists to go with a local, claiming it isn't safe to go alone.

Les Espaces d'Abraxas was part of the Grands Ensembles estates, with other surreal-looking buildings elsewhere in France.

Le Pavé Neuf estate consists of two large wheel-shaped buildings with round mirrors dotting throughout.

And Les Orgues de Flandre is a bright pink symmetrical building, with geometric windows and walls.

A tiny village in the UK has seen tourists flock there after it featured in Black Mirror.

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Arrochar featured in the dystopian TV series, which has attracted people wanting to see the area.

And in Malta, an abandoned 1920s village that featured in a Robin Williams film has become popular with tourists.

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