EXPERTS have revealed the clever way to "hack" a hotel buffet – and it means not diving straight in.

Figuring out what to eat at any hotel buffet can be an overwhelming experience for many holidaymakers.

Luckily, hotel experts at The Angle have lifted the lid on how to make the most of your all-included while travelling.

They recommend to not rush into the food stations take a couple of spins around to check your options.

Buffet pros explained: "This will help you orient yourself, make better decisions, and avoid FOMO.

"If you’re ravenous, grab some nuts or dried fruit to tide you over. It’s like grocery shopping—you’ll never make good decisions if you’re starving.



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"Once you’ve seen everything the buffet has to offer you can make more educated (and probably healthier) decisions."

Instead of grabbing the foods available in front of you, experts recommend to mix and match items between stations.

They said: "Maybe there’s a fruit or dried nuts bar nearby that would go well in a salad you put together, or some peanut butter would add protein to the pastry you’ve been craving, ask for some herbs to add some flavor to your salad.

"Don’t just opt for toast and butter, you’re in a different space so take some inspiration from your new local, mix and match and get creative."

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For those foodies who enjoy a snack or two between meals, hotel experts advise to take something to eat to your room for later.

They said: "While you probably shouldn’t take a cart up to your room, you might want a handful of emergency dried fruit or nuts for when you’re at some historical monument or in between meetings.

"You never know when the hunger will hit."

They also urged guests to think about their choices – as eating the some foods can ruin your trip.

Although milk coffee is a staple for many, hotel pros advise to opt out for a different drink as it can be heavy on your stomach if you're travelling.

They recommend to add non-dairy options like coconut milk or almond milk in your coffee for some added protein and natural sweetness.

But if you choose to go for traditional milk, make sure you have a something to eat first to avoid a stomach ache.

The altitude and air conditioning systems on the plane can cause you to be extremely dehydrated and bloated.

To minimise the discomfort, experts recommend to avoid salty foods.

They added: "Opt instead for foods like egg whites or chia as they’re both easy to incorporate into breakfast and are high protein and low fat.

"Pair these with healthy fats like nuts, avocado, and other plant-based fats to level up your buffet game."

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It comes as an ex-hotel manager has revealed the ideal time to get to the buffet for the best food.

Melissa Hanks used to manage hotels and knows the best tips to make the most of your stay.

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