PASSENGERS have revealed how to get freebies on a flight next time you travel – and it won't cost you much.

Frequent flyers have explained how giving small gift cards ended up with them being given loads of goodies and snacks from the crew as a thank you.

As passengers aren't able to tip crew, many have found ways around this as a thank you for their service.

One person shared on Reddit that they were noticed by crew after he gave some Starbucks gift cards to them.

He wrote: "I was on the turnaround flight the next day and the flight attendants spotted me.

"They threw snacks and drinks at me like there was no tomorrow. I tapped out after the cheese platter and chocolate cake and ended up sleeping incredibly well (I almost never drink and usually don’t even eat sweets, so the bliss was quite something)."

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I’m a flight attendant and I always do the same thing before boarding

Others shared their own stories too, with one woman saying she also gave them some gift cards while he was boarding.

She wrote: "He said, ma’am you forgot your bag and handed me a bag FILLED with chocolate, two ceramic Lufthansa mugs, pens, and an entire bottle of champagne."

Someone else shared their own experience: "The same thing happened to us a few years ago on Hawaiian Airlines. They literally gave us a bag of mini bar alcohol on the way out! They were so happy! I never forgot that."

A flight attendant previously explained how much they love when they get extra gifts.

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The unnamed attendant, who worked for a Canadian airline for 15 years, told Narcity: "We're never expecting it. But if people want to show appreciation to their flight crew, a gift card to Tim Hortons or Starbucks goes a long way.

"I can't promise that, but [you're] more likely to get a free drink if there is a treat involved for the crew.

"That goes a long way with us and we feel appreciated."

Flight attendant Kat Kamali said that it only needs to be as much as a £5 gift card to make a difference.

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She added: "Your flight will change DRAMATICALLY. We will know what you look like and we will know where you are sitting and the whole crew will be taken care of."

Here are some other ways to get free drinks during a flight.

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